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Marc’s band, Coaster Thieves, played a show at Jerky’s in Providence last night.  As I haven’t seen them play since maybe January or February, I tagged along.  As always, they did an amazing job!  Unfortunately, the house wasn’t packed (more about that later…), but the show was really great.  The band’s singer (Mike) had some […]



This is the most vile thing I have ever seen.  Way to pimp out your son, Sarah Palin, for the vote/sympathy factor in PEOPLE magazine. Plus, could John McCain be any more uncomfortable?  Sick sick sick sick sick.

Si Se Puede


Marc and I have spent the four days glued to CNN, NBC Network News and the PBS coverage of the DNC.  I am feeling surged with a crazy patriotism that I haven’t felt in years.  Probably not since I was in 5th Grade and Sister Haroldine let us watch Clinton’s ’92 Inauguration in her classroom […]

First let me start off by saying that I did choose PR over the DNC but I probably wouldn’t have, if I knew that Bill Clinton was speaking in the 9:00 hour. Bummer. But anyway, ahhhh! Car parts! I was not thrilled with this challenge, myself. I found it really hard to pay attention, at […]

Pretty poncho!


A couple weeks ago, I made a poncho for my friend Carrie’s daughter, Ally.  I was suuuuper worried that I made it too large, or that she wouldn’t like it.   I just sent it in the mail (along with a gift for Carrie, too!), and Ally got it yesterday.  Carrie said she loves it and […]

Paperback Swap


Also… I have become a member of  I think I could love it.  We’ll see.

Ahhhh, Saturday!  It’s early on a Saturday morning.  Marc’s still in bed and I have a chance to think about the end of this week. As I mentioned, it’s been really busy.  We finished out our group at Orchard Gardens.  We covered Media Literacy on Wednesday, Healthy Relationships on Thursday and on Friday we played […]

Hi! Oh. My. God. I was so excited to watch PR yesterday because CHRIS MARCH was on!!! I love him! Anyway, this was a super fun challenge….and I loved what was created! Observations for you: 1. Terri was robbed once again. I am going to start an internet campaign so people stop robbing Terri of […]

It’s only Tuesday night, but I feel like I have lived ten weeks already!  This week, I am co-facilitating a group at the Orchard Gardens Community Center in Boston.  So far, it’s been a great experience.  The girls are very giggly (we had to take a giggle break today, so they could get their laughter […]

Ahhhhh, Project Runway.  I have missed you this week. I was excited to see Brooke Shields on PR.  I might be one of the few out there, but I actually really enjoy Lipstick Jungle, and I am happy that it is coming back for a second season, and wasn’t just a filler show during the […]