Project Runway Rundown: The Olympics


FINALLY!  A Project Runway episode this season that I actually enjoyed!  I rejoiced from my spot on the sofa.  It was nice to see a little originality…and it was nice for the contestants to be stymied by the challenge.

A couple of observations (and annoyances):

  • BLAYNE!  Oh my gosh, what an annoying little gnat!  I think that his brain has been fried by the tanning.  You don’t know about the BEATLES?  You liked Across the Universebecause it was sung by other people?  And then you made that ugly jumpsuity thing?  Oh Blayne…Blayne, Blayne, Blayne.  Show me a little talent, and then maybe it’ll be clearer to me that you’re still on this show for your design abilities and not your annoying nature.
  • Jerrell’s outfit last night (that he wore, not that he made) during the runway show was insane.  He looked like he could have been Luke Skywalker, wearing a little army hat.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him (but in a bad way).  His design was a cute dress (minus the leggings) but not in the spirit of the current Olympics.  It looked like a costume in a musical.  Also, I heartily disagreed with his comment that he’d be the last one to stay.  No, no, no.  I think you will be gone by next week, Jerrell.
  • I don’t know if it was the editors or actually the truth, but Korto came off as really smug, and kind of mean last night.  I talked to Marc about this surprising behaviour, and he pointed out that last season’s Top Chef had been rumored to edit the series to make Lisa look like a jerk too.  So, maybe that’s what Bravo is doing to Korto?
  • Terri got the shaft AGAIN!  AGAIN!!!  She is so good, and her outfit was stunning.  She made a BLAZER (super hard) and that beautiful ascot.  I am sure that Terri’s going to be a rising star in this competition and I hope she gets noticed (and soon). 
  • Joe’s outfit was good in that it really had the athletic look down, but I didn’t like the skort…not one bit.  I am not a big fan of the skort to begin with, but if you must make it, there are ways to do it so that the shorts are concealed.  Also, the USA on the skirt had an amateurish look about it…it seemed more like an outfit prototype than an actual finished design.
  • The sleeves of Stella’s dress looked like cans cut in half.  Maybe they were.  I bet her model HATES her, because she knows her days are numbered.
  • Poor Daniel was EVERYONE’s scapegoat last night.  I didn’t like Joe’s attitude towards him and I felt so bad when Heidi embarrassed him and said “What color is your shirt?  YOU MATCH!”  (I usually really enjoy Heidi Klum, too.  This just felt like a weird dark side.)  It would have been a pity of Daniel got kicked off for that dress, because in any other circumstance, it was lovely.
  • Kenley’s laugh is going to get to me, even though I really do enjoy her.
  • I don’t even really care about the person who got kicked off…she deserved it.  I barely remember what she made and for ONCE, Nina was right…no athlete is going to be shy and timid about her body, especially not an Olympian.


Ahhh, should have won!
Ahhh, Terri…you should have won!
The poor, scapegoated cocktail dress.
The poor, scapegoated cocktail dress.
The tanorexic's jumpsuit.
The tanorexic’s jumpsuit.


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