My achin’ feet!


My aching feet and my sore shoulders (and slight nose sunburn) are really all worth it!  The Big Sister Annual Picnic went extraordinarily well today!  The weather held out, too — the sun shone and a beautiful breeze blew.  We were totally lucky, given the rain potential lately.  The matches really seemed to enjoy themselves, too, and there was a great diversity of activities for people to participate in. (and… we had enough food!  YAY!)

I definitely would recommend visiting a Boston Harbor Island, to anyone who might plan on visiting.  It was really pretty, and didn’t feel like part of Boston at all — more like a green, grassy getaway!

One Response to “My achin’ feet!”

  1. 1 Aunty Mary

    Congratulations on the picnic! I am sure everyone had a great time through your efforts. Where is this Island? How do you get to it? Is there more to it than a park? Sounds interesting! What’s next on your itinerary for the Big Sisters?

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