Camp Nostalgia


Like maybe a few people in the world, I absolutely was terrified of camp.  I am not one for sleeping on the ground, or fishing, crawling through dirt, getting dirty, not showering, etc.  (If you know me, you get the picture loud and clear.)  My mom went on all of my Girl Scout overnights, and I honestly really barely made it through day camp, as a beleaguered Brownie.  After reaching a certain age, I was pretty sure I was done with the whole camp experience.

Buuuuut, as many of you dear readers know, in graduate school, I took a job working at Mazemakers–a totally different kind of day camp.  As a counselor, I taught drama, creative writing, Mazeblazers (an older kid “leadership” course), art, and probably a few more.  I also LEARNED a lot about myself, my creative potential, my ability to dream, to compromise and to grow.  As a bonus, I also worked there with my brother and developed a deep and lasting friendship with him, just by experiencing the ups and downs of day-to-day living.  It was a good two years.  (two summers)

Now, since I’m out of school and a working stiff, I can only day dream about my days (and sometimes evenings) spent with delightful, smart, funny and creative people.  I don’t have many opportunities to come back, and I am pretty sure I won’t be able to continue my camp counseling any time soon.  But, thankfully for Mazemakers’ schedule and open house, I have the opportunity to visit, which is what I did last night.

It was a fantastic evening — full of old faces, almost grownup campers-turned-counselors, good friends, and even the man who married us!  (yes, my Mazemakers connection even seeped into my wedding ceremony!!)  It was great to walk through the doors of Dana Hall and know that I had left a footprint on the camp legacy, and that there were still kids who remembered who I was, after 2 years.

I absolutely loved being in the nurturing Mazemakers atmosphere, and looking at all the hard work that my friends helped to create.  I love how much Marc gets into these things (he sang the camp songs, and did a little surfboard dance with absolutely no shame).

I have sweet memories of this time in my life, and am so glad that I am still part of that family.

One Response to “Camp Nostalgia”

  1. 1 Megan

    This post, as I mentioned to you earlier this week, really moved me. Sometimes it is really nice to have an “outside” perspective on how camp looks. But what was even better about this post, was that somehow, you captured in words, feelings that I have about this place that I have been unable to express. I too HATED summer camp, and now, here I am, 28, and going strong. Maybe it is the culture of the place, the total love and acceptance, but I also really think it is the people. These people would never normally be gathered together like this in any other place in life, and it hurts me to know this, even while I celebrate it. It is such a contradiction, Mazemakers.

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