Project Runway – The Brooke Shields Edition


Ahhhhh, Project Runway.  I have missed you this week.

I was excited to see Brooke Shields on PR.  I might be one of the few out there, but I actually really enjoy Lipstick Jungle, and I am happy that it is coming back for a second season, and wasn’t just a filler show during the strike.  This episode was particularly gratifying for me, because I had some frame of reference for the challenge.  The idea was to create an outfit for Wendy Healy, Shields’ character, that pairs her bohemian style with her powerful career.

A few observations/annoyances:

  • Oh Terri….you are hilarious.  Thank you for asking Suede to “man up” and tell the world that you don’t have anyone sucking on your ta-tas.  Your sass and attitude help to erase the crap that has been laid down by morons like Blayne.  You are a cold breeze on a humid and stale day.
  • Also, Terri….you referred to yourself in third person.  Suede might be on your nerves, but his third person is definitely rubbing off on you.
  • Joe is awful.  I can’t imagine being married to him…he whines and scapegoats and complains and is a jerk.  If this is what heterosexuality on Project Runway is, I’d rather not have it.  Bitchiness is one thing but jerkiness will not be tolerated.  Bring on a slew of Chris Marches and Christian Sirianos and their underhanded (but hilarious) comments.
  • Neither of us were impressed by the winning dress.  Marc announced loudly that Jerrell was robbed.  I totally agree…his dress was SO chic, and Stella’s belt was great.  I did not love Keith/Kenley’s feathery looking dress.  Blah.
  • Blayne needs to go.  GO, GO, GO!  On what planet are tight Bermuda shorts a part of the nighttime apparel?  Also, if he had a glance at the dossier, he’d know that Wendy Healy’s character would never wear such a thing.  GO HOME already.  Also, if someone said words that ended in “-licious” every day, I would threaten to cut out their tongues.
  • Daniel has me annoyed…and he’s definitely trying to ride out on Rami’s “I was born in Jerusalem” wave.  You aren’t doing anything of note.  Rami was an artist.  Stop trying to find a fan base.
  • I love Kenley’s taste, but I don’t love her insensitivity.  It wasn’t professional for her to LAUGH at Daniel on the runway!

I think that’s it for the episode…BUT, I am STOKED for Chris March’s return.  There are going to be some CRRRRAAAAAZZZZY outfits next week.  YES!


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