Project Runway: Chris March Returns!



Oh. My. God. I was so excited to watch PR yesterday because CHRIS MARCH was on!!! I love him!

Anyway, this was a super fun challenge….and I loved what was created!

Observations for you:

1. Terri was robbed once again. I am going to start an internet campaign so people stop robbing Terri of her brilliance. Her outfit for Acid Betty was AMAZING, and moreover, Acid Betty was loving it. If I were Terri, I would be livid at this point. Come on, judges! Show the love.

2. On another note, I REALLY loved Joe’s outfit. I can’t stand him (even Marc said yesterday…”whooooaaaa, he’s a jerk!”), but I do think that that little outfit was super cute, super drag and totally what she wanted. He probably works well with his clients, though he can be an ass.

3. Oh Bravo Editing Department…you had me fooled. I was so certain that it was going to be either Suede or Jerrell kicked off, because they told their back stories. But no, it was Daniel. You’ve thrown me for a loop…good for you!

4. Suede’s gal (Hedda Lettuce) was fantastic and frightening, all at once. She totally never changed her persona, even when NOT in drag. Her voice was intense and a little scary–like the way she told Suede that she wanted to apologize and make up…I got really scared. Like being scolded by the principal or something.

5. Also on a Suede-related note. The story about his deceased grandpa telling him to “plant” Bibb lettuce on the gloves was foolishness. BUT it was the first shred of humanity I’ve felt from Suede ever, so…points for that, I guess.

6. Blayne’s dress was a disaster and I am not sure why he was safe. It was not cute and sort of looked like the handlebars of a kid’s bicycle.

7. I loved Korto’s gal. She was so cute and sweet (hence the name, I suppose). I think she was my favorite of all the drag queens. I really thought that Korto did a nice job, too, even with her apprehensions about never making that sort of garment before.

8. I felt bad for Daniel, because his dress was really PRETTY, but there’s no way that he understood the challenge. It was just a gorgeous, regular dress in acid orange. He didn’t understand the pizazz that needs to go into the drag costume. I did feel bad when RuPaul chided him. He still looks (every week) like he’s going to vomit with any bit of criticism that he gets, so maybe PR is not the best platform for his talents.


2 Responses to “Project Runway: Chris March Returns!”

  1. 1 Aunty Mary

    I just bought a Brother Project Runway sewing machine! I have never watched the show but I am still all excited about it. Kind of makes me feel more professional although the automatic needle threader already did that much.

  2. 2 elysabethreichman

    I can’t believe all the Project Runway Products that are out. I just saw a paper doll thing based n Project Runway. Marc teased it but I think I totally would have loved it as a kid!

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