Project Driveway?

First let me start off by saying that I did choose PR over the DNC but I probably wouldn’t have, if I knew that Bill Clinton was speaking in the 9:00 hour. Bummer. But anyway, ahhhh! Car parts! I was not thrilled with this challenge, myself. I found it really hard to pay attention, at least at first. I am really exhausted by the designers who keep thinking that in every challenge, they’re going to dress someone famous and that will be their big challenge. You already got Brooke Shields and the Olympics, kids. It’s now time for you to get your hands dirty.

Observations for you:

1. Oh my god, Stella’s boyfriend’s name is RATBONE. RATBONE! That is amazing. Also in the picture that they showed of Stella and Ratbone canoodling, Stella looked pretty. Maybe PR is just not good for her, because she needs extra sleep. Who knows.
2. Nary a peep from the awful Joe this week. Maybe he needed to win one to shut up. Or, maybe his outfit just wasn’t good enough to feature. (it wasn’t, and I have a feeling that he would have been in the bottom three, if he didn’t have immunity.) Do you know that the company he works for (Schott Brothers) makes leather jackets and motorcycle apparel? I find that interesting. I wonder if he and Stella could start a little side project.
3. I am starting to think that Blayne’s a little lazy. I know that people are trying to compare him to Christian for his youngness and his catch-phrasing, but there’s no way that Christian would ever turn out such a poorly fit (on the top) garment. And no woman would wear that. Hello, side boob?? It’s not like what he did was soooo hard that he couldn’t have spent a little extra time making it tailored.
4. Kenley really is starting to get on my nerves. I think she’s so pretty and talented, but her nasally, monotone voice is annoying. AND to make it all worse, she became a super-B when her model had to drop out. Yes, it’s a pain, but i think when it was discovered that she had to drop out, there were about 8 hours left in the prep time. AND this happens like…every season. Models drop out. They get sick, it’s what they do. Lame.
5. Terri did not pull it out this week (for the first time), though what she made was nice. I wonder what she’s like in real life, because Jerrell did not speak highly of her. (Do I trust Jerrell? Probably not. But still.) I guess if I were Terri and I kept getting passed over, I would just maintain the status quo, until it was a challenge that I knew I could win.
6. I am glad Keith left. I didn’t like the way he sassed back to Michael Kors. And I didn’t like the way he tried to blame his model. What the hell do you think she’s going to do in hair and makeup? She’s going to sit down. Tell her to take her skirt off. Pllluuuuus, he just didn’t get the tone of the challenge AT ALL. Which is not the sign of a good designer.
7. Korto’s jacket was off the hook, but I do really think Leanne was the rightful winner.
8. I don’t like Rachel Zoe.
9. I forgot how much I dislike Laura. She was sort of … haughty, I thought. Kind of like, “I’ve been where you are, and I still did it, so don’t mess with me, beyotch.” I didn’t care for that. But I guess if you’re sitting in Nina’s chair, it’s your job to be Nina-ish.

The losing garment...they hated it.

Keith's losing dress

Leanne's first win...I love it.

Leanne's winning dress

Korto's coat...buckle up for safety!

Korto's coat....buckle up for safety!

3 Responses to “Project Driveway?”

  1. Bill Clinton was great… Funny, smart, and informative… Bit never fear I guarantee that you could find it on YouTube.

  2. 2 Carrie

    okay, so in my crazy mommy life, i find it hard to keep with PR each week… but that’s what reruns are for, right? well anyway, i finally say the newest today and then had to run to your blog to see your comments… i make myself wait and see the real thing before laughing (and mostly agreeing) with your commentary. thanks for the entertainment!

  3. 3 elysabethreichman

    Thanks. I actually “test” it out at work with my PR-loving peers. Then I know what observations work. It’s lame, I realize, but true.

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