One night in Providence


Marc’s band, Coaster Thieves, played a show at Jerky’s in Providence last night.  As I haven’t seen them play since maybe January or February, I tagged along.  As always, they did an amazing job!  Unfortunately, the house wasn’t packed (more about that later…), but the show was really great.  The band’s singer (Mike) had some friends there, and one of Marc’s co-worker was there, and a few people from the area, so it was a semi-private show.

It was a slight bummer to have so few people there, but clearly the surrounding areas were quite a scene.  Since I’ve entered my “late-mid-twenties”, or maybe since I’ve gotten married, I have noticed how YOUNG people look.  Jerky’s is right in a little area of Providence that is sort of a club scene–comparable to Water Street for all you Milwaukeeans and Landsdowne St., for the Bostonians.  We were right in the heart of Johnson & Wales territory and not too far from Brown, and you could DEEEEFINITELY tell that there were some pre-orientation freshmen exploring the Providence night life.  I have NEVER seen so many upper thighs, mini-dresses and sky high heels in my life.  I guess a lot of the clubs, too (the most popular place being called HELL, charming!), were 18+ which made me feel extraordinarily old!  I have been so far out of that scene for so long (hell, was I ever in it??), that I could tell that my jeans, black t-shirt and flip flops were completely passe.  Oh youth…and to be young.  Anyway, with this youthful crowd headed to clubs like Hell (and Ultra, I think, was the other one), no one saw the Coaster Thieves play.  Sad.  But their loss.

I’m super excited to see my good friend John Sullivan tonight!  Also, Phil comes in a few days, which should be great fun.  We’re also headed to Portland, Maine tomorrow for the day, to visit Marc’s grandma in the rehab hospital, where she’s staying (for just a few days more) for her broken hip.  A crummy reason to visit, but a good chance to see Grandma and Grandpa, at least.

One Response to “One night in Providence”

  1. 1 Marc

    It was like “Ho Alley” or “Slutty Lane” out there! I appreciate that you came to see us in one of our recent finer moments! Next time I’ll grab that mic.

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