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Having fun with Uncle Marc Originally uploaded by elysabeth.reichman Look how happy Marc and Nathaniel are!

Aunty Elysabeth is the BESSSSSST Originally uploaded by elysabeth.reichman This weekend, we spent the weekend in New Jersey for a wedding. Mostly, we were in the car, since we were down and up and all around for the wedding, but the upside of it all was getting to see our nephew, Nathaniel. (And his mommy […]

Something bad happened to our stupid stereo on Wednesday, and involved me on the floor, pulling out plugs, asking Phil if he noticed any changes to the picture or sound.  Because Marc was with his band, listening to the first mix of their new CD (New Horizons), he wasn’t available to fix it.  Hence…I was […]

New Moon


I just finished the second book in the Twilight series this morning.  It took me an incredibly long time to finish, but considering that I have had a houseguest and lots of things going on in the weekend, I might not blame that entirely on the book. So…I actually liked this book a little better […]

Pumpkin hat


It really speaks for itself…  (I love it)

Baby blanket


I made this for a friend of a friend…she’s going to give it as a shower gift.  I’m super proud of it.  I haven’t made a baby blanket in a while!  Obviously, if you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing something like this, let me know!  🙂  (

The best thing about Wednesdays is that Marc and I sit down to watch PR. To make it even better, Phil has joined us (which I think is really sweet). So, the three of us hunkered down and watched this episode (which, I think was overall pretty mediocre…). 1. Jerrell is becoming more and more […]

1.  I made a damn good dinner for Marc & Phil…a wee flax seed pita pizza with eggplant, garlic and onions (all roasted), fontina and tomato sauce.  So good, and my breath is probably kicking. 2.  I got a freakin awesome pedicure.  My toes look like they could be chocolate grapes.  I know that’s not […]

Oh my word…


Some of you (Dan) might not appreciate this, but here are just a few more interesting “facts” about the woman that could be president. God(dess) help us all.,,20226300,00.html

Small step


I lost 2 lbs on Weight Watchers in my first week.  It’s a small step but I am proud and excited.  I didn’t find the first week too hard, either, which is very exciting.  Hopefuly it will keep up! Also, is anyone else excited about Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist?  Every time I see the […]