Little bitty hats and a great big weekend


Ahhhhh, the three day weekend.  We have done so much driving this weekend.  We were in Providence Friday, Braintree (not too far) on Saturday, and Sunday, we hauled up to Maine.  Today, we stayed put, did some chores, made some soup, and caught up on our TiVo full of movies.

We went to Portland yesterday, to visit Marc’s grandma.  She broke her hip on vacation about 10 days ago and is now relearning how to walk and move.  Thankfully, she didn’t have to have any surgery, but it is still a tough recuperation period. She is doing really well at the Maine Medical Center’s rehab facility, and everyone at the hospital is really nice to her.  She even walked a little bit on her own (with a walker). On the way up, we ate lunch at a restaurant we went to when we were first dating, and we also stopped at When Pigs Fly Bakery and got a loaf of chocolate bread and hummus and red pepper bread.  DELICIOUS.

I also whipped up some baby hats to sell on my etsy site.  Here they are:

Marc and I recuperated from late nights watching the DNC and slept today until 11.  That is rare for us these days.  But, we were totally able to take advantage of our day off.  We cleaned the house for Phil’s arrival, and I made a pot of chicken noodle soup, which we had for dinner.  It’s been a calm, peaceful day, and a calm, peaceful weekend.  Ahhhhh.

One Response to “Little bitty hats and a great big weekend”

  1. 1 Marc

    You are a master crocheter! It’s funny to just leave that wondering if it’s a real word than actually looking it up. Also, the alternative pronunciation is also somewhat chuckle-worthy.

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