Twilight = Meh.


At the urging of four friends who I love dearly, I started the Twilight series.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Twilight series is a set of Young Adult (YA) books that are supposed to appeal to the post-Harry Potter crowd (I think).  They’re vampire books, but to quote ALL four of my friends “Not THAT kind of vampire book…!”  It takes place in Forks, WA, a dreary, wet, rainy, cold place.  The book’s protagonist, Bella (OF COURSE that is her name, you couldn’t have a vampire-loving protagonist whose name is Meredith or Katie…!), a high school junior (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she is a junior..?) moves to Forks from Washington, falls in love with Edward, the irresistibly handsome vampire.  Mystery and intrigue, and a little bit of controversy ensue.  Tales of vampires are told, people are chased, others are night-stalked.  It’s all surprisingly PG, though subtly romantic and evocative.

Sounds harmless, yes?  Probably.  It’s not a BAD book.  It’s not a GREAT book either, not by any stretch.  I’m not really buying the characters–I don’t know what makes Bella so intriguing.  I don’t really understand why she doesn’t want to leave Edward’s side.  I’m actually not even sure how she got into this whole vampire mess to begin with, especially since she seems to have no previous pull towards the supernatural.   And then, in two seconds of talking to Edward, she’s in love with him, wants to be by his side forever, will do anything for him, yadda ya.  I actually was waiting for something to be revealed about him hypnotizing her, but no.

PLUS, I don’t really enjoy Edward’s character.  He feels a little misogynistic, always telling Bella what to do, how to behave, how to think.  It is very controlling, but then maybe that’s what vampires are all about??  I have no prior experience.

Also, the book is like 500 pages long and it doesn’t even get interesting until the last 1/4 of the book.  There’s a lot of set up (which maybe, I think/hope has to do with the fact that this is the first book in the series and hence, a lot more needs to be set up), and the pace moves slowly. 

All this said, I will probably read (at least) the next one.  I’m hoping it will get better, and I feel like I need to give it a chance.  I definitely stayed out of the whole Harry Potter insanity, and so I am going to power through Twilight, so at least I’m hip to one fantasy-kiddie-book-craze.  If anything, I’m doing it for my friends.

4 Responses to “Twilight = Meh.”

  1. I felt the same way about this series, which I had to read for work. You can read my reviews under the Book Reviews tab at The Book Lady’s Blog .

  2. I’ve also written recently about Twilight (but more so the author), The reason I think people may be drawn to it more, is its natural feel (so I’ve heard). From what I’ve read about Steph’, she hasn’t seen an vampire type stuff (media things like Buffy or Angel), so that is probably why her POV is slightly different.

    But, like any new author and his/her series, it takes time (maybe 1-2 books) before people start to follow and connect…remember, it takes time to build character history and relationships.

    Sometimes that can’t be done in just one book, and it’s great to see that you get that and may read on. When I was younger, I once had this book that I thought was awful, when I read the next two in the series, I was hooked.

  3. 4 emily

    i’m on team jacob. you basically just hit on its head the reason why i don’t like edward… much better than i could say it. kudos : )

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