Say it ain’t so….

Goodbye Terri.  Oh how I have loved you.

Goodbye Terri. Oh how I have loved you.

Oh my god. Terri. Terri! This is seriously my saddest day. I kind of felt this way when Kit and Sweet P got kicked off of last season. And Allison Kelley the one before. This is so sad. Marc told me that Terri never “brought it”, but I really think she was just underappreciated in her own time. I actually did not even think her dress was that BAD, either. Just misunderstood. Maybe a little costume-y. I actually wonder if she might win the fan favorite, a few episodes down the line.

My only hope is that they’ll bring back one person, after kicking off two (the kicking off of two people seemed rather arbitrary to me…). And maybe that person will be Terri.

Blayne, though, was definitely on his way out. I am not going to be upset to not see him again. Plus, his outfit was basically like … body stocking meets paper flower, meets my strappy sandals. Not hot.


1. I have to admit, I only watched the first part of the episode with half an eye, because Marc and I were working on something on the computer together. The most humorous part of all was that while I was listening (if only half watching) he was not listening NOR watching, so when he finally started to pay attention he was like, “Stella? She got kicked off, didn’t she? Wait….is that the dude that got kicked off in the first challenge? Why is he there?” Phil and I had to look at Marc like, Get with the program, guy!

2. I don’t really understand why they had to bring back the old contestants. Was it because it was an avant-garde outfit? Or because they got halfway through the season and said “Oh, crap, we forgot to do more team challenges?” Someone who was paying full-attention, please clue me in.

3. Keith has proven to me that he is a jerk. Time and time again, he is just … a piece of work. He’s got sour apples, or whatever that saying is.

4. Heidi Klum must have had a few drinks at the Planetarium. I almost died when she started comparing boob sagginess.

5. I think Carmen Weber still has a chip on her shoulder from last season. Get over it, girl.

6. On the subject of my favorite past season designers, the cutie Christian was back in all of his spriteliness. I was hoping for him to really bring the sass and the catch phrases, but maybe he got a load of what he sounded like and then stopped immediately. Maybe Blayne can take a lesson from that.

I dont look at collections...

I don't look at collections...

7. Kenley. Oh…. Kenley. I don’t know if someone spiked her morning cereal with a good dose of bitter and angry, but whoa. She was bitter AND angry. I have never EVER seen anyone fight NINA of all people. She was bitter and sassy and sullen, and her outfit wasn’t even that great. The worst was when Nina said something about it being very Dolce and Gabbana and she was like, “I don’t look at collections.” Girl. You have shot yourself in the foot. Be polite. I used to love Kenley and would defend her, but after yesterday, I am not so sure.

The winning dress

The winning dress

8. I am glad Jerrell won, if for nothing more than that beautiful headpiece he had on his model. That was stunning. I don’t think he’ll last more than 2 episodes though.

9. Freud would have a field day with Michael Kors. Last week he was talking about nightmare crotches, this week, pooping fabric. But it was hilarious.

10. Also, has Michael Kors not noticed that Suede speaks in the third person? Oh man, he totally made fun of him for that–and I don’t blame him. Maybe hearing Michael Kors call you full of yourself will be enough for Suede to stop doing that. (Please! I hope so!)

11. As much as I hate Joe, he does pull out some good work. I liked the skirt of that dress.

I hate that I like this...because I hate Joe.

I hate that I like this...because I hate Joe.

12. And I love Leanne’s style. She’s an architect of clothes.   Personality-wise, she doesn’t stroke me, but she does have good taste in every situation.

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