Small step


I lost 2 lbs on Weight Watchers in my first week.  It’s a small step but I am proud and excited.  I didn’t find the first week too hard, either, which is very exciting.  Hopefuly it will keep up!

Also, is anyone else excited about Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist?  Every time I see the previews I get jazzed.  It is likely that the excitement comes directly from my love of Michael Cera, but the movie itself looks smarter than Superbad, which I also loved.

Here’s the preview:

3 Responses to “Small step”

  1. does anyone else get the impression that Micheal Cera is being typecast? I hope he will be able to go beyond the awkward teen role.. Hell that’s what ruined my acting career.

  2. I feel like, he’s being typecast as an awkward teen in the same way that Clint Eastwood has recently been playing old white guys. As in, of course!

  3. 3 elysabethreichman

    I still love him and I always will.

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