Project Runway: Real world makeover


The best thing about Wednesdays is that Marc and I sit down to watch PR. To make it even better, Phil has joined us (which I think is really sweet). So, the three of us hunkered down and watched this episode (which, I think was overall pretty mediocre…).

This probably should have won.

1. Jerrell is becoming more and more adorable, which is good. I am not sure if I would have picked him as the winner. The general consensus in my house was that Korto did the best job. (esp. with that jacket)
2. I totally would have loved to be on this challenge with my mom, because we have pretty similar clothing tastes. Marc rolled his eyes when I said that, but I think he just doesn’t know. Some of those mother/daughter teams were at odds, but really it was NOT as bad as last year’s prom challenge!!! They seemed better adjusted. Must be the fact that they’re older than HS girls.
3. That tall mom with the deep voice frightened me!!!
4. The girl that Kenley got was indeed a mini-me. I didn’t like her dress at all–the belt cut off in a funny spot and it was such an awkward color that it sort of looked like she had a bare midriff. I really liked the pattern of the actual DRESS fabric, but I did not care for the other stuff. Nor did I care for her personality!  In that way, she really is Kenley’s mini-me…and that is NOT a compliment by any stretch.
5. Kenley is turning into a really despicable character. It all started last week. AND, she surely stomped off the runway when she didn’t win! That was uncalled for. Also, I don’t know if anyone saw, but next week, she’s really going to get hers…from LL Cool J of all people. He does not look amused with her, not one little bit. I kind of can’t wait for that.

Do you like this hat?

Do you like this hat?

6. Jerrell’s little hat looked like it could have been a costume piece from when my college did A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
7. Though I was happy to see Joe go (and didn’t we just know it was going to happen, since he said he missed his kids??), I think Suede’s outfit was tacky. Poor Suede. Every week he’s on the chopping block!  And all that fuss he made about not wanting to make pants…ok ok we get it!  (Terri would have made some freakin’ kick ass pants).

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