New Moon


I just finished the second book in the Twilight series this morning.  It took me an incredibly long time to finish, but considering that I have had a houseguest and lots of things going on in the weekend, I might not blame that entirely on the book.

So…I actually liked this book a little better than the first one.  There wasn’t much more to learn about the characters, which sort of made it more interesting, but there were still chapters and pages that I thought went on forever and ever.  I definitely saw the appeal for teenagers — the character engage in this crazy, phenomenal, all consuming love for one another.  There’s adventure, heartbreak, new feelings, parallels to Romeo and Juliet (Ahhh, Shakespeare.  now there’s a timeless reference…I think teens from almost any generation find some sort of pop culture reference that reflects Romeo and Juliet.  I think that my generation definitely latched on — pretty hard — to that whole Claire Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio joint).  Yes, I can see how it would appeal to a teenager.

As a much more cynical adult, I am not quite sure about being sucked into the whole Twilight phenomenon.  I still think that poor Bella’s got to find some legs to stand on (and break free from some of the misogynistic trappings of her life…).  She definitely has bigger choices to make, with her own mortality and with Jacob AND Edward. I can see myself *maybe* reading the third and fourth ones one day, but for now, I need a Twilight break.

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