Project Runway Forthcoming


Something bad happened to our stupid stereo on Wednesday, and involved me on the floor, pulling out plugs, asking Phil if he noticed any changes to the picture or sound.  Because Marc was with his band, listening to the first mix of their new CD (New Horizons), he wasn’t available to fix it.  Hence…I was unable to watch Project Runway.  BUT, I know who got kicked off, because I am an impatient woman.

So Marc fixed the TV and the stereo, BUT, we had book club last night and had to pack for our weekend in New Jersey, so I was forced to make a decision….Project Runway, or the season premiere of The Office.  I knew I could NOT go to work on Friday and not know what happened on The Office.  I stand by my choice.  I’m glad I made it and I am SOOOO glad that The Office is back and GOOD.  It was a strong first episode of the season!

3 Responses to “Project Runway Forthcoming”

  1. Do you watch Survivor at all?

  2. 2 elysabethreichman

    I used to, back in the day, but these days not so much. Marc really doesn’t get into it and since we have 1 tv, it’s kind of like, we either both have to love it or we don’t watch it.

  3. Ah. That’s probably my favorite reality show – the two hour debut last night.

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