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1.  I made a damn good dinner for Marc & Phil…a wee flax seed pita pizza with eggplant, garlic and onions (all roasted), fontina and tomato sauce.  So good, and my breath is probably kicking. 2.  I got a freakin awesome pedicure.  My toes look like they could be chocolate grapes.  I know that’s not […]

Oh my word…


Some of you (Dan) might not appreciate this, but here are just a few more interesting “facts” about the woman that could be president. God(dess) help us all.,,20226300,00.html

Small step


I lost 2 lbs on Weight Watchers in my first week.  It’s a small step but I am proud and excited.  I didn’t find the first week too hard, either, which is very exciting.  Hopefuly it will keep up! Also, is anyone else excited about Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist?  Every time I see the […]

Oh my god. Terri. Terri! This is seriously my saddest day. I kind of felt this way when Kit and Sweet P got kicked off of last season. And Allison Kelley the one before. This is so sad. Marc told me that Terri never “brought it”, but I really think she was just underappreciated in […]



Oh my god. Terri. I have to go cry now.  More Project Runway to come.  This horrific news just deserved its own post.



I am not a very good waiter.  Not as in “food server” but as in “one who waits.”  I am horrifically impatient and I just want to KNOW.  This is a trait that my husband does NOT find endearing.  And of course, I am fully aware that it is annoying.  And yet… I find that […]

I love having Phil here.  I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with my need/desire to connect with something Wisconsin/Stritch/my former life (that sounds bad…like I am in the witness protection program).  Or maybe I like having another person in the house.  I don’t know.  But it’s been great in general. […]