Project Runway: Final “regular season” episode is a letdown


Can I just say, last night was particularly difficult for me, given my aversion to people crying on reality TV. Phil told me that everyone should be allowed one breakdown, but this episode got a little ridiculous. I felt most sorry for Korto, because it seemed like it was likely that she would be the one sent home, but really she doesn’t deserve it, with her consistent style and her wins.  It’s those demon ratings that are clearly keeping Kenley in and could muscle Korto out.

Of course, I most angry with the ridiculous (but typical) last-episode antics. Project Runway…you’ve pulled this last-show crap in EVERY season that I’ve watched…and I am not having it anymore. Make a decision.  I honestly am feeing completely let down by this season.  No one feels GOOD to me… no one feels talented.  I don’t really care for Jerrell (I think he snuck into the final four without too many impressive pieces), Kenley’s a bitch, Leanne’s good, but I can’t listen to her talk (she makes me tired) and Korto is great, but you know she’s not going to win.  Ahhhh.  Give me a Christian Siriano any day.

Now that I’ve expressed the worst part about last night, I can move onto the BEST part.  The BEST part about last night was that Ms. Heidi Klum was not having Kenley’s attitude. Nor Nina Garcia.  Nor Michael Kors. I half expected him to walk up to her on the runway and slap her on the hands and tell her to stop being such a sass-back. Plus, her dress was just… boring. How many times are we going to see that mock turtleneck/mandarin collar thing? Her dress kind of reminded me of something that would worn by villain in a straight-to-video “sequel” to The Little Mermaid.  And she’s so freakin’ CONTRARY….when someone called her dress unelegant (or whatever they called it), Kenley snapped back and said she wasn’t aiming for that.  REEAAAALLLY, KENLEY?  REALLY?  Because I don’t believe that for 1 second.  You just wanted to make yourself feel a little better by challenging those who challenge you.

As much as they kind of bore me, I don’t think it’s fair that Leanne and Jerrell have to show their collections and could be potentially disqualified. They worked hard and did well and now they’re being punished for everyone’s mediocrity. It’s weird. But you know, good ratings, so whatever.

I do think that this is the first time in my Project Runway-watching-life that I want it to be over.  I am not thrilled by what I see, nor am I eager to watch.  How I Met Your Mother and The Office (…um, not to mention these little things called Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates…) have me a little more fired up than the childlike antics of these designers.

3 Responses to “Project Runway: Final “regular season” episode is a letdown”

  1. 1 Marc

    Hear Hear. Bring on the superior show, Top Chef.

  2. 2 Dan

    Embrace Survivor – it just started and it rules,.

  3. Oh, I totally feel the same way about Project Runway. I loved the first couple seasons, and even though Christian drove me crazy last year, he was very talented and highly entertaining. It’s just so anticlimactic to have a last episode and not make any real changes, and I agree that there’s no clear frontrunner. I think Jerell’s going to take it, but who knows.

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