Project Runway: Closing out the season on a bicycle built for two


Oh dear, Project Runway is almost over.  As I have mentioned before, I am pretty okay with this season winding to an end.  I’m not wild about too many people on this season and I don’t think that they are nearly as talented as the designers in the past and on top of that, I find very few of them endearing.

That being said, nothing QUITE beats the final few episodes of the season…especially with the home visits.  In this year’s twist, all four designers had to produce a wedding dress as WELL as their final collections.  The wedding dresses determine the final three that will go to fashion week.

Thoughts for you….

1.  I love Korto.

Its a love fest for Korto and me.

It's a love fest for Korto and me.

She’s the only one who has made her way into my little heart.  I think she’s really brilliant, with colors and shapes, and she embraces the fact that women are generally built with curves, and they should be celebrated.  Anyway, THANKFULLY, her collection is pretty stunning.  I love that Tim loves it, and I love that she’s really brought it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her wedding dress.  More about this later, but I would have worn it anywhere, any time, especially if I was a little thinner.

2.  Just as you probably imagined, Korto’s little daughter, Elise is a cute pie.  Plus, Korto put on a sweet show, playing the drums with her drumming partner.  More reason to love her.  She’s more than just a seamstress.

3.  Jerrell’s line is a little ridiculous.  It’s sort of indicative of what he’s done all season…stuff that is conceptually nice, but goes over the line a little bit.  Think about the Olympic challenge…it could have been an OK idea if it was executed well, and modernized.  I don’t like his little fishnet top, and clearly, neither does Tim.  His wedding dress is a hot mess from the waist up (Michael Kors said the exact same thing).

Admit would have sent him home for this too.

Admit would have sent him home for this too.

The bejeweled bosom was a good idea but there were these crazy floppy things coming off the breasts.  The floaty skirt was definitely the definition of “bride”…and I’m sure a lot of women would have loved it.  Not me, necessarily, but it was pretty.

4.  I loved Jerrell’s baby picture where he was propped up in an exersaucer on the hood of a car.

5.  Perhaps the best moment of Project Runway in this episode…nay, this whole season, is when Tim Gunn got on a tandem bicycle with Leanne.  In a suit.  And a sweet little helmet.  He was so cute and nervous.  That image will be burned in my brain forever and if I’m ever having a bad day, I’m going to just think of Tim.  Oh, Tim.

6.  Leanne’s dresses are beautiful, but I don’t know if her wave theme is going to help her or hurt her.  People might think it’s too repetitive.

7.  Tim went to visit Kenley, who does have a really beautifully decorated apartment.  At first glance, I didn’t love her little outfits, (especially not the rope neckline…), but her wedding dress was

I love this.

I love this.

SWEET.  The feathers and the retro style…amazing.  And though I didn’t do it myself, I love the IDEA of a tea-length wedding dress.  I also think it takes a lot of chutzpah…but when the right person pulls it off, it’s so gorgeous.

8.  The bridesmaid aspect of the whole episode was pretty foreseeable (oh, who wouldn’t assume that PR would throw a wrench into things!).  People’s reactions to it were silly.  Jerrell kind of put his nail in his own coffin for creating such a hideous hideous dress.  It was not flattering and not attractive…AND to top it all off, he thought it should be.  Now, granted, I have been in some pretty hideous bridesmaid dresses before, but I still got my girls to look cute AND I know that there are cute bridesmaid dresses to be had in this world.  I definitely was worried about Korto, since her bridesmaid dress was pretty average,

Average, yes, but I love her so much that it doesnt matter.

Average, yes, but I love her so much that it doesn't matter.

but average is better than heinous.  Also, on the bridesmaid conversation…I wasn’t that wild about Kenley’s bubble dress.  I thought that it was cute, but not bridesmaid-y.  And too short.  Waaay too short for a bridesmaid.

But the color was unique and cute.  I predict that there might be a few more colbalt blue bridesmaid dresses around because of that.

9.  In the end, it was Jerrell’s time to go.  I’m actually really pleased about this turn of events.  I think this is the first time that three women have made it to the end, and I’m also glad that they have really different and unique styles.  I have strong hopes for Korto, and I think she has the potential to make it.  But we shall see next week.

10.  I like that the girls have “made up” a little, but clearly, it’s not going to last through next week.  But then again, what would a final episode be without a little drama?  Does anyone remember Jeffrey Sebilia’s wigs?

3 Responses to “Project Runway: Closing out the season on a bicycle built for two”

  1. 1 Marc

    I could not have said it better myself! Big J didn’t quite bring it for when it really counted, even though I think the challenge was pretty lame-o. I liked the waves, and I did like kenley’s wedding dress. I don’t think korto’s going to make it, sadly. My $$ is on leigh ann or kenley to take it, but in general it will be a very boring final episode.

  2. Based on the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, I thought it was a close call between Korto and Jerrell. I don’t know, I think ultimately Leanne will win. And her wedding dress was *gorgeous*.

  3. 3 elysabethreichman

    Agreed….I think she has the best track record for making really innovative clothes. But, I don’t know if everyone’s going to be crazy about the waves. If she wins, it will be satisfying. If Kenley wins…I do not know.

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