Cece’s visit!


Cecilia's apple picking!

Successful with 23 lbs of apples!

Happy married couple picking their apples!

Cece came for a visit this weekend and we went to Applecrest Orchards in Hampton Falls, NH.  It was crazy busy with families and babies and apple-pickers everywhere, but despite the chaos, it was also beautiful!  We picked 23 lbs. of apples, and Marc and I picked our pumpkins.  I haven’t ever been apple picking and I can’t even remember the last time I picked pumpkins.  Marc and I will probably carve ours, but for now, they’re enjoying residence on our porch.  Then, we sampled and viewed the delights of the farmer’s market—cider donuts, a million kinds of apples, cheese, flowers, veggies, etc.  Yum.

We also drove up to Portsmouth, just a few miles away, and hung out and walked through the town and the shops.  It was great!

Sisters in hats....our Granny would be sooo proud.

Today, we kept it a little more low-key and local, going out to Appetito for brunch with Megan and Jordan and then seeing Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist which I absoluuuuutely loved.  My crush on Michael Cera lives on…and it’s was just a sweet story.  I am sure it was so fun to make, too.

Cece and I have off tomorrow, so before she leaves, I am sure we’ll hang out and get a little lunch.  It’s been a great weekend! 🙂

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