Project Runway: Winning the show with greasy bangs


Yes, yes, yes, we all knew it was true.   Leanne is officially the winner of Project Runway.  Are you shocked?  I’m pretty sure anyone who watched the first part of the season finale could have seen that Leanne’s

You might not be able to tell it from this picture, but the first top in this collection simply took my breath away.

You might not be able to tell it from this picture, but the first top in this collection simply took my breath away.

perfectly constructed, beautifully moving wave garments would have guaranteed her the win.  The judging trifecta (plus Tim Gunn!!) ate it up—as well they should have.

Let me slow down here and start from the beginning.  (Forgive me for this disjointedness….I’m seriously forcing myself to stay awake until I watch The Office).

Just to set the scene for you a little bit, I got to watch the season finale with Meaghan and Alexis, who I work with at Big Sister.  We drank champagne and toasted to “making it work”.  Alexis and Meaghan are much more hard core than I, as they gave scoring points to each person’s runway show.  I was impressed.

1.  Given last week’s previews, I was convinced that there was going to be some sort of crazy girlfight.  I am SOOOO glad there wasn’t, though.  The three all-female finalists (a first!) kept it classy and only slightly snarky.  They really saved the comments for the camera and not for each other.  I really loved when Leanne called Kenley’s collection “Holly Hobby”.  I don’t think it necessarily WAS, but Leanne’s sort of an undercover sarcastic voice, so it felt hilariously out of character.

2.  Each contestant was allowed to show 10 pieces, but they made 12.  They had to pare it down, which I think was lucky.  As we’ve seen in seasons past, sometimes there is crap that makes its way down the runway…and with a chance to edit, the women were really able to put their best foot forward.

3.  The model selection was hilarious.  All three of us gasped when we saw a certain blonde-alien looking model.  She weighed about as much as a coat hanger.

Korto pulled this one off...and how.

Korto pulled this one off...and how.

4.  Korto decided to pitch her bridesmaid dress AND her wedding dress, which was probably a good idea.  Because of this, though, she had to create 2 new looks.  Her co-contestants thought she was absolutely insane and I have to say that I thought so too…BUT lucky for Korto, she was able to pull out some good looking dresses, particularly the long taupe dress that I’ve included a picture of in this post.  She had my heart a-palpitatin’ but I’m glad that she pulled it off.

5.  WHAT was Kenley wearing on her head at the runway show?  Oh my dear god…I really enjoyed her cutie “fascinators” that she wore in each episode (she sells them on her website), but she actually looked like she was wearing a shamrock bobble headband, like you put on when you’re drunk on St. Patty’s Day!

6.  Each woman put on a really good runway show.  I liked Kenley’s a lot more than I thought I was going to.  I was worried that I would find her painted fabrics too busy, but honestly, they were good looking, if not entirely cohesive.  Her cohesive element seemed to be her jewel toned and painted fabrics, but it seemed to be a slap-together form of cohesion, as opposed to the luxurious tailoring of Leanne’s garments or Korto’s ethnic and organic theme.  Anyway, I did appreciate a lot of Kenley’s work, most specifically the white painted dress (I couldn’t find a

I like this a lot.

I like this a lot.

picture online!) and the green top of this look.

7.  Korto also did a great job.  She pulled together her two pieces very well (though I was nervous).  She had an absolutely stunning “skewed halter” dress that EVERYONE seemed to love.  Again, I couldn’t find a picture it, but it was really breathtaking.  Her

A look from Kortos collection

A look from Korto's collection

runway show had a great feel–you could tell it was Korto’s collection, and the music, looks, colors, whatever, were all signature Korto.  Say what you will and call me biased but I do love her.  And she’s true to women’s style and women’s differences.  And her collection seemed very ready-to-wear.  Just like a lot of her stuff, it may not be as fashion-forward as Leanne’s or Kenley’s but it’s flattering, beautiful, quality work.

8.  And then Leanne…

Leanne’s collection was stunning, cohesive and incredibly THOROUGH.  I don’t think I noticed it until Nina Garcia mentioned it, but there was a lot going on there–and it all looked great.  I was a little concerned about her potential overuse of blue and white, but it worked really well.  Her muse model wore the most perfect dress for her skin–and she wasn’t even supposed to wear it in the first place.  I really can’t say enough.  The top from her first look seriously took my breath away, and it wasn’t even supposed to look like that.  Leanne’s dresses were so perfectly constructed and amazing.  I’m really glad she won.  My friend Liz did point out that her clothes would not look good on a “real woman” but I don’t think Project Runway’s ever really been concerned about that aspect of fashion anyway, so it worked to her advantage.

GORGEOUS against the models skin tone!

GORGEOUS against the models' skin tone!

9.  My PR-watching companions/coworkers commented that Heidi Klum probably had some sort of perverse pleasure from kicking Kenley off first.  Due to editing or perhaps a grudge, Heidi had a wee smile on her face and auf’ed Kenley first and without much explanation or remorse.  Kenley was a Weepy Weeperson, talking about how she never got any chances.  I’m pretty sure she’s a household name at this point, but best of luck to the person who chooses to work with her…she’s reputed to be even worse in real life than she was on the show, and her nasal Floridian (?) accent might be enough to make you want to gouge out your body parts.

10.  As sad as Korto was when she lost, I think it’s pretty clear that she’s going to be quite successful.  I think she’s got a following (from me, for one), and those who might have doubted her ability and popularity are likely saying “OHHHHH!” after seeing her runway show.

11.  So…Leanne is the winner.  Hip hip hooray.  I think a lot of people called it pretty early on…which I HOPE is not going to be a trend for Project Runways in the future.  (that is…if it is going to be on?  Does anyone know?)  She did a good job and deserved it–I am fully satisfied with the judges choice, but completely UNsatisfied by her greasy, greasy bangs.  Hopefully girlfriend will get a nice blow out before her next runway show!

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