Halloween Party and weekend


I’ve been so quiet this week because I’ve been SOOO busy.  I was preparing the Annual Halloween Party for the Big Sister’s Community Based matches.  It’s really not my favorite part of my job (probably my least favorite part, actually) because I get so nervous and frustrated that things aren’t going to work out, but I have to say that it went really well.  We had a nice sponsorship from Harvard Pilgrim Health care and because of that, the party was a little nicer.  (It’s true that you get what you pay for, I guess!)

All of the matches received a “passport” to go from activity to activity.  Most of our activities were physical games, instead of crafts which dominated much of the parties in the past.  Kids did pumpkin bowling, a “candy corn catch”, spider walks, etc.  All of it seemed to be pretty well received, too.  We had sandwiches from Souper Salad, individually wrapped cheese, animal crackers, goldfish crackers, apples, veggie trays, and more.  All the food was chosen deliberately in an effort to be healthier, and it was noticed, mostly in a good way!!

I am sure that I will be getting more feedback on Monday, but I think it went well.

After that, Marc and I went to see my friend Maile in a show called Gorefest VI:  Boatload of Blood.  It was crazy, gory, bloody, pukey, and hilarious.  The audience got plastic sheets to cover up in due to the flying “bodily fluids”.  Even though Marc and I were completely exhausted from the party, I’m really glad that we went.

Today, Marc’s in the studio from 12-4, and I’m going to rake and relax.

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