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I just finished Jenna Blum’s novel, Those Who Save Us.  The book is two stories in one, telling the story of a mother, Anna and her daughter, Trudy.  The stories intersect, and we learn about Anna’s experiences as a German civilian in the town of Weimar in World War II, while in the other story, […]

I turned 27 on November 18, and lucky me, I had an amazing time.  I worked, but the day wasn’t too bad–just average work, nothing too out of the ordinary.  We had a “team building event”, a pizza party and a presentation on self-care.  I also got to go on an assessment, as Marie-Claire’s scribe, […]

Marc and I are heading out of town tomorrow, to Ithaca.  There, we will celebrate one year of wedded bliss.  It feels impossible to know that we’ve been married a full year (plus a day, because of leap year!).  In celebration, I thought I’d run down a list of things that Marc and I have […]

I have been a registered voter since the day after I turned 18.  I have voted in every election, major or minor, I’ve donned the pins and buttons of my chosen candidate, I’ve followed polls and I’ve listened to what people have had to say.  And… in the past eight years (that is, the entire […]

Halloween 2008!


Halloween this year was FUN.  For the first time in a really long time, we had a fantastic opportunity to dress up.  It has been years and years since we’ve been able to do that (probably due to my being in grad school and then from being a bride). Anyway, we had a fantastic day […]