President-Elect Barack Obama


I have been a registered voter since the day after I turned 18.  I have voted in every election, major or minor, I’ve donned the pins and buttons of my chosen candidate, I’ve followed polls and I’ve listened to what people have had to say.  And… in the past eight years (that is, the entire span of my voting history), I have been on the losing side of the ticket.  As we know, last night changed all that.

I understand what people might have to say about this — that people voted for Obama because they didn’t want to see McCain win.  That people only voted for Obama because he’s black, because he’s different, because he’s an agent of change.  Because people are afraid of Republicans, afraid of Sarah Palin, sucked in by Obama’s smoothness, and Joe Biden’s track record.  And I’m done.  I don’t want to keep fighting over my choice.  When I cast my ballot yesterday, at the Thompson School at 7:35 a.m. (after standing in LINE, no less…), I made my decision, and I’m absolutely 100% proud of it.

I made my choice because I believe that Barack Obama has the ability to bring our nation together.  He has the ability to make people from other nations understand that the United States isn’t a land comprised mainly of bullies, or gun-toting Mavericks or beer guzzling Joe Six Packs.  It’s a country formed of ideals and principles, of races of people, of families of every color, shape, creed and dynamic.   It is a place that can potentially be great, once again. 

Am I an idealist?  Yes.  Definitely.  Should you disagree with me?  Go right ahead, but don’t post your negativity on this blog or I will promptly delete it.   I won’t have my celebration sullied by negativity.

And it IS a celebration.  Yesterday, on my way to the polls my trusty “Yes We Can” button fell off of my Big Sister work tote bag, which I carry every day.  Afraid it was an omen (phew!  it wasn’t!) I picked it up and pinned it on my jacket, wearing it proudly and quietly all day.  I knew people looked at it and noticed it, because I got smiles from others (mostly people who also boasted buttons or “I Voted” stickers), but no one really said anything.  Everyone was quietly hopeful, some praying, some dreading, some nervous, most with their fingers crossed.

Today, in the light of a new day, with the hope of a new president, my button (which is still affixed to my jacket) has been a cause of celebration.  I haven’t taken it off, and because of it, I’ve been greeted in the line for my bus by a man just a little older than me who was so jubilant about the outcome of last night.  He told me he planned to go to D.C. to continue his party on January 20.  I got a high five from a woman (wearing Obama EARRINGS….that’s dedication) in line at Whole Foods.  On my way back into my office this afternoon, the lunchtime security guard chanted, in a Haitian Creole accent, “Yes We Can!  Yes We Can!  Yes We Can!”  Today is a celebration, and though I realize that is not true everywhere, I feel like Boston is ensconced in the love and admiration for our President-Elect.

I’m pleased, thrilled, happy, elated, jubilant, joyful, relieved, HOPEFUL, energized and ready to continue my participation in what makes this nation great.  Good job, America.


**I’m really serious about deleting negative shit from this blog post.  You might not agree with what I have to say, but I do ask that you respect my personal need for celebration.  Thank you.**

One Response to “President-Elect Barack Obama”

  1. 1 alextrebeck

    Oh, Elysabeth. You put everything I am feeling and have been wanting to say into words here, such wonderful words.
    Like you I have voted in every election since I turned 18. I truly treasure my right to vote and feel that with this election many average Americans may just see how valuable this right is.
    Last night I stayed up until after midnight and got only four hours of sleep just so I could hear my candidate and I cried, hell, I am getting teary now as I type.
    The election of Mr. Obama and the hope that he represents is just so powerful that I want to stand up and cheer, just like I did last night in my bedroom. I too am an idealist and I am proud to be- honestly I don’t know if I could survive teaching at all if I wasn’t. I believe that it is the job of the government to help its people and I believe and hope that we are well on our way. I understand that it may take a while but I believe we will get there.

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