Marriage: A Retrospective


Marc and I are heading out of town tomorrow, to Ithaca.  There, we will celebrate one year of wedded bliss.  It feels impossible to know that we’ve been married a full year (plus a day, because of leap year!).  In celebration, I thought I’d run down a list of things that Marc and I have experienced and accomplished in this year.

In one year, we have:

-bought a house

-changed neighborhoods and extended our commute

-leased a car

-became an aunt and uncle to Nathaniel Sanger Norin

-entertained countless houseguests (all of you lovely, and you know it)

-taken Elysabeth to the emergency room with a back strain (OWWIE!)

-traveled to Italy, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and the Berkshires (and Ithaca!)

-celebrated the pregnancies of MANY friends, and the births of many new babies.

-continued our creative endeavors, each in our own ways

-grown more settled or more restless in our respective job positions (it seems to change daily)

-mastered many new recipes and taken cooking courses

-got robbed 😦

-met new friends

-shared extraordinary laughs

-saw some great (and crappy) movies

-voted for change

-held hands every day

-read 9 books in our book club!

-hosted parties (I need a break!)

-daydreamed about getting a dog

-kissed every day

-fallen more and more in love with each passing moment


Happy anniversary (early), Marc Benjamin Reichman.  I love you very much, and that will never ever change.

One Response to “Marriage: A Retrospective”

  1. 1 Marc

    I love you too! You are the sweetest.

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