Birthday Shenanigans


I turned 27 on November 18, and lucky me, I had an amazing time.  I worked, but the day wasn’t too bad–just average work, nothing too out of the ordinary.  We had a “team building event”, a pizza party and a presentation on self-care.  I also got to go on an assessment, as Marie-Claire’s scribe, because of her injured hand.  Marc and I went to Rendezvous in Central Square and I received a bizillion sweet messages on my phone and on facebook.
Yesterday, though, Marc and Marie-Claire threw me a fantastic birthday party, with a surprise guest–my good friend Aviva, who came to Boston from Pittsburgh to join in the celebration!!!  We had a great time, and there were mostly Big Sister friends there, but Jordan came too.  I got some amazing presents (thank you thank you!) and we had a generally fun time.

Thanks for everyone who made my birthday great!  I am looking forward to going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving (seeing as we were on our honeymoon last year and had pasta instead of turkey!), and continuing to celebrate the joyous things the end of the year brings!!

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