Snowbound in a winter wonderland!


Marc and I had the extreme pleasure of leaving work at 12:30 today, and good thing we did, as a HUGE snowstorm has made its way to Massachusetts.  Thankfully, we aren’t flying out to Wisconsin until Sunday. (I have my fingers crossed that the weather is just fine for our flight, though a “wintry mix” has been predicted.  Can you fly in a wintry mix?  God, I hope so!)  We stocked up on a few things at the FoodMaster, which had cars spilling out of its lot and people lined up into the aisles.  Everyone knew the storm was coming.

Is there anything better to watch on a snowy day before Christmas??

Is there anything better to watch on a snowy day before Christmas??

We made it home pretty much just in time, because as soon as we did, the snow started pounding our neighborhood and it hasn’t really let up.  We took a nap watching the snow come down in the parking lot that is behind our house.

Despite my extraordinary (and hopefully irrational) fear that we are going to get stuck here, I’m loving the fact that for the time being, Marc and I are housebound.  We cleaned the house and did some packing and laundry, so that’s all out of the way.  We’re both in our PJs at 7 p.m., we made delicious mini veggie pizzas (me, mushroom and onion, Marc, broccoli and garlic), and we’re watching episodes of season 2 of 30 Rock and some classic Christmas specials.  (Marc’s never seen Santa Claus is Coming to Town–WHAT!?!)  I’m looking forward to the rest of the evening and I hope it goes slowly.

OH, and a guy just pulled up in our driveway to SHOVEL OUR SIDEWALK!  We wanted to arrange for shoveling service for our downstairs neighbor, Joanne, while we’re gone, and we figured it was important to “try him out” first.  It was a rough choice, as most people really love shoveling, but we’re suffering through.  Amazing.   They’re freaking speed demons, and they have a plow.  Marc’s supervising the whole thing from our living room window.

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