The power of positive thinking…


We made it to Milwaukee this evening, but it surely was not without a struggle.  Let me expand upon this….

Boston has had crazy snow storms in the past 60 hours.  It started on Friday afternoon around

Boston snow---not from this specific storm, but a pretty good idea of what it looked like.

Boston snow---not from this specific storm, but a pretty good idea of what it looked like.

1:30 p.m., and continued steadily until Saturday afternoon.  There was a small respite, and then the snow picked up again this morning, around 8:30 – 9 a.m.  It continued pretty steadily throughout the day.

Marc and I had a cab driver arrive at our house at 9 (a half hour early…), and we made our way through the snow and gusty winds to the airport.  The line for Continental was about a mile long, and it took us a half hour until we realized that we could use the kiosk  and drop our bags off at the desk.  So, 45 mins after we arrived, we made our way through security, got through the other side, had a bite to eat, etc. etc.  The snow was still raging outside, but our plane and crew were there, and we actually were predicted to leave on time.   After waiting and speculating and hearing about other flights being delayed or cancelled.  For whatever reason–and I credit the actual presence of our plane and our crew–we boarded and flew into Cleveland, where we were connecting.

Cleveland was totally dry, not a snowflake in the air and just a tiny bit of slush on the ground.  After we got in to Cleveland, it was smooth sailing to Milwaukee.

We’re here!  We’re here!  We’re here!  It is FREEZING, a balmy -3 degrees (never mind the wind chill, which probably makes it -50 or something…), but the house is warm, wonderful and bursting at the seams with Christmas excitement.  Can’t wait!

On deck for tomorrow–I’m going to finish up Christmas shopping, going to take my Granny for a manicure, and do some wrapping.  It’s great.  I am so happy to be here!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “The power of positive thinking…”

  1. Welcome ba-

    [swept away by a subzero gust of wind)

  2. Welcome home! Will you have any time free to get together?

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