Happy holidays!


It’s been an amazing holiday season.  I can’t believe how fast this week has gone, since we’ve been back.  Thankfully, we have a week more, but we’ve got a LOT planned, of course.  Christmas was lovely, we had a good time with our family, playing White Elephant (some people call it Dirty Santa, some people call it Yankee Swap) — and it got dirty!  This year’s “choice” gifts included a digital clock, a tool belt (leftovers from Marc’s Joe the Plumber costume) and a little makeup bag, which I got.  Christmas Day was fun and laid back, per usual. We were sooo exhausted.

For me, though, the most fun of the weekend was going to Lake Geneva and the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prairie yesterday.  We walked, sampled jelly beans and wine (not in the same location, of course), did the little factory tour and more.  I will be posting pictures on flickr soon, probably once I get home.

Tonight, we’re headed off to my friend Jessica’s.  I haven’t seen her in probably 6 years, and I am going to meet her boyfriend, his kids and Jessica’s daughter.  I can’t wait.  Tomorrow, we’re doing a little Christmas celebration with my grandparents!  More to come.

Also, as an aside and a HUGE point of excitement, Marc and I are eagerly waiting by the phone to hear if Sara and Abby’s little Sprout has entered the world.  They’re at the hospital today, making that happen.  Can’t wait to find out more–especially his name!  Fingers crossed.

One Response to “Happy holidays!”

  1. The Jelly Belly Factory is one of my favorite places! I have probably been there five times, or so. Glad to hear you are enjoying your WI vacation-who goes to WI in December for vacation any way 😉

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