I just said it to Marc and I’m going to say it to you…

The relevance of the song “Party Like It’s 1999” is now 10 years old.  Whoa.  Think about that.

Also, 10 years ago, at the tender age of 17, my best friend, Jasmine, and I went to Applebees with our friend LaToya to meet Ian, Jasmine’s boyfriend at the time.  She was grounded, but allowed to hang out with me (because I was such a good influence), so we promptly made plans to meet Ian, who Jasmine was NOT allowed to see, since we were together.  I left the lights on, though, on my Dad’s Buick and the battery died.  Long story short, I was afraid to call my mom, so I wouldn’t get yelled at and Jasmine was afraid to call HER mom, because we weren’t supposed to see Ian.  Oh, life before the advent of cellular phone technology.  And, oh, to be a teenager again.

Fast-forward to present day…. I had lunch this afternoon (also at Applebees….!) with Jasmine, who is pregnant with her third child, and her 2 sweet kids, Brianna (seven!) and Max (my godson, who is two).  It was so wonderful, and being with them always reminds me of how much I miss living here, sometimes.  Plus, Marc’s madly in love with her kids, and it’s so lovely to see him play with them.  He’s good at it.  Brianna took some “posed” pictures of me, which I’ll post on Flickr when we return.

Last year, my New Years’ resolution was to treat my feet better and get monthly pedicures.  I’m fully ok with keeping up that habit, and I’ve not bitten my nails for a couple of weeks, so maybe I can include manicures in on that treat.  But of course, just like everyone, I have goals for myself for ’09.  By posting them online, I think that you, my readership, might help me keep up with them more.  So here you are….this year’s list of things to get accomplished.

My goals for 2009 are:

1.  Continue with Weight Watchers and just do my best to keep up the good weight-loss work.  I’ve lost 18 lbs so far, which is exciting, but I know I can keep going and keep up my positive-self-esteem track.

2.  Use reusable bags every time I go to the grocery store.  I got a few purse sized reusable bags from my brother and my dad for Christmas, so I should have them with me wherever I go….hopefully.

3.  Make it home more often….and not just for “special events” but also to just be at home and be with people that I love.  I also want to be here after Jasmine and LaToya have their babies in late March/early April.

4.  Take at least one class at Cambridge Center for Adult Ed, but maybe more, if possible.  I’m cool with taking a writing class, but it would be fun to take a cooking class or jewelry making class.  Or, to do a literature class or something.

5.  Become a better knitter, particularly learning how to knit in a circle, so I can knit hats.  Anyone want to help me with that one???

6.  Read more books, newspapers, blogs, etc.

7.  Write more (blogging helps, I’ve found!)

8.  Be a better friend, a better wife, a better daughter, etc. etc.

9.  Be more serious about selling stuff on Etsy—I take personal orders for things.  Refer your friends to me.  I can do pretty much anything, crochet-wise, but I’m not as good of a knitter.

10.  Become a dog-mamma……hopefully soon!  (We are getting a dog, probably in late Jan./early Feb.  I can’t wait!)

Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “2009”

  1. 1 Dan

    Thanks for sharing these, Elysabeth. You’ve got a lot of good ones.

  2. 2 emily

    you should hang out with my dad! he is a masterful, perfectionist knitter.

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