January Recommends


My favorite local Milwaukee website has a weekly feature called OMC Recommends.  Each week (or maybe once every two weeks) the editors at OnMilwaukee.com write recommendations for things–big and small, well-known or new to the scene–that they highly recommend and that you should try too.  I love reading what they suggest, especially since I learn something new every time I see it.

Since I’m such a fan of this feature and since I love passing the torch of information to people, I decided to do a monthly recommendation post of things that I love, and hopefully you’ll respond or give ME things to try, too!

Here’s the inaugural post for you….

1.  Burt’s Bees Deep Cleansing Cream with Soap Bark and Chamomile:  My sister-in-law had this in her shower.  I tried it and it was amazing–it made my face tingly and soft.  I always feel fresh and my pores love me every time I use it.

2.  Dutch Chocolate Mints:  Soft mint surrounded by chocolate and a hard candy shell?  Yes.  Sign me up please!

3.  Google Reader:  Odds are, if you’re reading this blog, you do have a Google Reader.  It keeps all of your favorite web pages in one location and informs you when they’re updated.  You don’t need to go from site to site to see if there have been updates.  Now, the only thing you need to check frantically is your reader…or facebook, if that’s your thing.

4.  Whole Foods’ Reusable Bags:  As you might have read in previous posts, I’m trying to be a better environmental citizen by using reusable bags.  I have a few from different grocery stores, but I really love Whole Foods’ reusable bags.  They’re gusseted, strong and have extra long handles for slinging over your shoulder.  That way, you can put the bag on like a purse and still carry other bags in your hands.  I prefer the plastic coated ones over the other ones, but they’ll all do.  Plus, they’re way cute.  I gave my mom a couple to try out, and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of them.

5.  Half-Price Books:  Half-Price Books aren’t in Boston and I never realize how much I miss them until I’m back in Milwaukee.  The book selection at HPB is amazing, and if you’re into sweet vinyl or even some gifty items, you can get them here.  I definitely make a trip to HPB every time I go to Milwaukee (or sometimes two, three or four times, depending on my length of stay!).

6.  Continental Airlines:  We just flew Continental Airlines and the service was surprisingly fantastic.  Generally, I hate air travel, and I SPECIFICALLY hate air travel out of Boston, but Continental was friendly, fair, and had amazing customer service.  The leg room wasn’t any more or less fantastic than any other airline that I’ve been on, of late, but their kindness and customer service made my holiday travel much more positive and comforting.

That’s what I have for January.  What do you love?  What do you recommend?  I really cannot wait to hear!

3 Responses to “January Recommends”

  1. 1 Marc

    Dutch chocolate mints are pretty great, but let’s face it — they are no Andes Mints.

  2. 2 elysabethreichman

    I know not of Andes Mints. Only Andes Candies. See link: http://www.milwaukeejobs.com/co_profile.asp?cid=QA3ABBK82Q2V8JQ13UC7JF96HEUJ9DC7

    Suck it.

  3. 3 aviva

    Hey E! I love your list. I will have to try some things there… Two things it made me think of:
    1) I love half.com. Although you cannot browse like you can in HPB (and there are two in Pittsburgh — so come visit if I’m not enticement enough!), it’s great for a bargain on books. I get almost all my book club books there.
    2) Jet Blue is my favorite airline. The farther back you sit, the more legroom you have. The extra few inches are really apparent–and comfy. (I know I sound like a commercial; I don’t care.) Also, they have direct TV in flight and individual monitors at each seat. I’ve also found their customer service to be excellent.
    I have other favorite things, but these are two that your list sparked. Enjoying your blog…

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