Ode to the Lazy Sunday


Oh the Lazy Sunday.  Thanks to travel, holiday frenzy, our anniversary, Marc’s traveling for work, my working one Saturday a month, people to see, etc. etc., it’s been a REALLY long time since we’ve had Lazy Sunday.

Initially, today wasn’t even scheduled to be a Lazy Sunday.  We had planned on visiting the MSPCA and having breakfast with friends.  But, Marc woke up this morning with a bad case of the sniffles, AND it was snowing, so we decided to turn our big plans for the day into no plans at all.

And yet, we still managed to get things accomplished.  I made a pot of split pea soup in the crock pot (it’s got to cook for another hour but it smells really delish).  Marc finished The Condition by Jennifer Haigh, which is our book club book.  I unpacked

Our January book club selection

Our January book club selection

ONE suitcase full of Christmas gifts (we still have one more to go!).  Marc did laundry and I helped fold.  Marc swept.

Our snow guy is coming to clear the path, though he told Marc he did an initial clean-up this morning at 3 a.m., which definitely amused us both!

We did NOT shower today, and are still both in our comfy jammies.  I’m burrowed under a blanket.  My hair is definitely dirty and sticking up all over, so I am hiding it in a hat, but no one’s even going to see me today, which is pretty much the most amazing thing about the Lazy Sunday.  It’s just a shame they don’t come around more often!

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