Dog news


Marc and I have been jonesing after the idea of getting a dog for some time now.  We have been super responsible in the thought process–making sure we’d find a good time to get a dog, after we owned our own place and in a time after the holidays, when we’d be home and not traveling for a long stretch.  We even had dog names picked out for either a boy or a girl.

This past week, we met a sweet sweet girl doggie at the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain.  I met her on Monday on my own and fell absolutely in love.  Marc met her on Thursday, and he also fell for her.  We thought she’d be a good fit for us.

Unfortunately, as life sometimes has it, the dog (who we pre-named Daria…this was a bad choice, more on that later) did not do well on her temperament test, and we found out that she was seriously food/rawhide aggressive, to the point of grave concern to the staff at the MSPCA.  Marc and I felt strongly that we’d still like to have her, but the shelter staff was pretty adamant that her extreme aggression made her unadoptable, and definitely a concern for her owners.  Marc and I STILL wanted to press forward, and had our friend Marie-Claire step in to intervene.

Marie-Claire, our total champion, spent the day with her today and said that though she is a sweet sweet dog, she definitely started to grow attached to Marie-Claire, to the point of acting aggressively towards others who came to talk to Marie-Claire.  As a trained social worker and a complete animal lover, M-C felt that though we did love Daria (our pre-named dog), she probably wouldn’t be the best fit for us, because of the strong likelihood that she might grow attached to one of us and grow aggressive towards the other.  As a first dog, it likely would not be the best fit.  We really want a dog who loves us both and who can grow attached to US and to anyone we decide to bring into our family.  It was a hard decision, but after discussing it at length with Marie-Claire, and after warnings from shelter staff, we’ve decided that we are going to let it go.

It was an extremely HARD decision.  All parties involved (me, Marc and Marie-Claire) are hoping that Daria will be adopted into a really great home, with hopefully just one parent, and hopefully be taken in by a rescue group.  It’s been a really emotional and trying week for both of us because of it.  We know we’ll find a great dog soon, and hopefully he or she will love us both, and not be so aggressive.



So, this has been extremely disappointing, but as a result we’ve learned a few lessons.

1.  Marie-Claire has been our major dog savior and champion, giving us advice and advocating for us AND Daria.  We’re totally thankful.

2.  We’re absolutely ready for a dog, but just like every major step (buying a house, planning a wedding, getting a car), it ain’t over til it’s over, and sometimes you have to get bad news before you can get what you want.

3.  We’re not pre-naming a dog again.  I can’t picture another dog being “our” Daria, and now we have to go back to the drawing board.

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