The right dog for the … Job


Marc and I are SO excited and pleased to welcome the newest addition to our family.  He’s three years old, with black hair, brown eyes, and cute brown markings on his paws and face.  It’s our little min pin (miniature pinscher), Job!

Job in his new coat

Job in his new coat

As you know, we’ve been talking about getting a dog for a REALLY long time.  We’ve been extraordinarily conscious of finding the right dog, and waiting for the right time to get our little guy.  We had disappointments with our hunt in the past, but yesterday, Marc and I made up for those disappointments by meeting our special min pin, Job (pronounced Jobe!), at the Buddy Dog shelter in Sudbury.

Min pins are generally about 15 inches and 15 lbs.  Job’s a little heftier, weighing in at 28.3 lbs, and so he’ll have to go on a little diet.  Right now, he is awfully cute though, with a tiny little head and a big barrel body.  According to the people at Buddy Dog, he’s had some trouble with housebreaking, but so far, he’s been ok with us.  (He did lift his leg once, but Marc got him out before he did any real damage.)
It’s been a kind of a stressful day for Job, considering all the exitement and visitors and adjustment to his new house, new bed and new crate, so he’s sacked out on the couch right now.  He has been really cuddly and has been on my lap constantly.  It is a good feeling, for sure!

Job's new bed, made by Marie-Claire

Job's new bed, made by Marie-Claire

Tomorrow, Marc’s going to do a half-day and meet with a dog walker, who we’ll have for a little while, until Job works on his bladder control a little.  He’ll stay tucked away, comfy in his crate when we’re not home, but it’s definitely a little home for him.  He seems pretty comfortable!

Enjoy the pictures of our little Job.  I’m sure we’ll post more as time goes on!

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