Settling in


Job has been with us for just a few days and I have to say, he’s fitting in quite nicely.  He is still a pretty tired boy, sleeping a lot of the evening and some of the day, but I think that that is just from adjustment, and also probably some bliss, given that he gets all of our attention.

Job loves laps

Job loves laps

Some things we’ve learned about our dear dog:

1.  There’s really not one person he’s met that he hasn’t loved.  This morning, we even met a neighbor (who I have never met before) and he had himself a little sniff at her ankles.

2.  He loves other people’s food, but he’s not so wild about his own.  It took a few days until he really felt comfortable eating the food we got for him (Science Diet, which hey had provided for him at the shelter).  We were GENIUSES when we decided to sprinkle his dry food with water, because he took to that like a moth to a flame.  Softened kibble…who knew?

3.  Having him in the crate has been an exercise in control for me.  I want him to be around me all the time.  I’d probably let him sleep with us, if Marc thought it was a good idea too.  But, as we’ve learned from our dog-owning friends, a crate is a good thing, it’s his little “home”, and he gets comfy in it.  So as much as I think he should be on my lap at all times, it’s good for him to have a little respite and a little den.

4.  I think he loves us and has accepted us as his mommy and daddy…..I rubbed his belly and he knows who we’re talking about when we say “come to mommy” or “daddy’s home!”  It’s pretty thrilling.

5.  He’s mostly potty trained (knock on wood).  He’s lifted his legs a couple of time in the house, but never pooed.  So that’s good.

We both love him immensely, though.  We’re exhausted from the first week of early mornings, but it’s a-ok, because he’s totally worth the work.

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  1. 1 Marc Reichman

    Hi Job!!!!

    (waves from work)

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