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It’s surely known that Marc is the cook in this family.  I am not quite there yet, but I’m trying to learn.  As Marc has the beginnings of a cold, I decided to be in charge of dinner tonight!  We’ve been trying out recipes from, in accordance with our weight loss plan.  Tonight’s delicious […]

Oh the Lazy Sunday.  Thanks to travel, holiday frenzy, our anniversary, Marc’s traveling for work, my working one Saturday a month, people to see, etc. etc., it’s been a REALLY long time since we’ve had Lazy Sunday. Initially, today wasn’t even scheduled to be a Lazy Sunday.  We had planned on visiting the MSPCA and […]

Beer Bread


My dad made a huge feast for us at our Christmas celebration, including this amazing beer bread.  He just sent me the recipe in the mail, and it looked SUPER easy (and it was super good….) so I decided to make it. Neither Marc nor I are extraordinarily experienced in the ways of dough, particularly […]

My Aunty Dorothy passed away last night, a fact that make me deeply sad.  In memory of her, and as a chance to celebrate all of the wonderful things that she was, I decided to write this post. My Aunty Dorothy may not have technically been our family—no one knows if she was related to […]

My favorite local Milwaukee website has a weekly feature called OMC Recommends.  Each week (or maybe once every two weeks) the editors at write recommendations for things–big and small, well-known or new to the scene–that they highly recommend and that you should try too.  I love reading what they suggest, especially since I learn […]



Check out my flickr site for photos from my trip to Wisconsin!



I just said it to Marc and I’m going to say it to you… The relevance of the song “Party Like It’s 1999” is now 10 years old.  Whoa.  Think about that. Also, 10 years ago, at the tender age of 17, my best friend, Jasmine, and I went to Applebees with our friend LaToya […]