February Recommends


I haven’t been feeling too hot for the past couple of days, and most especially today, and I’ve spent much of my day mulling over what, exactly, I’d recommend to you for February.  I have compiled a little list, so enjoy!

1.  New England Soup Factory Cookbook – If you know me, you know that my absolute most favorite food in the world is soup, and I am extraordinarily picky about the soup that I eat.  I don’t eat anything from a can (though I will happily make soup from a dry mix or the occasional Mrs. Grass’s soup from a box…), and generally prefer to make my own soup.  For me, the holy grail of soupiness is a local restaurant, The New England Soup Factory.  Everything is so delicious and amazing, absolutely fresh and always well-seasoned.  I aspire to *be* Marjorie Druker, the owner of this store.

Last Christmas, I received the New England Soup Factory Cookbook, written by Ms. Druker herself.  The book is full of beautiful full-color photos and delicious, easy recipes (with easily obtainable ingredients….most of which you probably have in your kitchen) that will simmer on your stove top all day, and will make your whole house smell delightful.  Today, I made Italian Vegetable with Rice soup and I plan on making Mushroom and Lentil within the next couple of weeks.  I can’t wait.

2.  Panta headband – I am a hat gal.  I love winter, in part because I love winter accessories.


Panta (not mine)

My absolute favorite accessory this winter has been the Panta headband.  The Panta is Finnish for headband or hat, and it covers your head and ears, but sort of leaves your hair free.  It’s snug, without being too tight, and doesn’t mess my hair up at all.  I love it!!!  I purchased mine at this etsy site, if you’re interested in your own panta!

3.  Box of clementines – Ahhh, the winter fruit.  Marc and I buy a case of clementines at least once a week.  They’re sweet and delicious—they’re so tasty that it doesn’t even seem like they should be good for you.  But they are…so good for you and so delish.  And because they’re easy to peel, it’s an extra “score”.  The clementines may not be as appealing if you are a “localvore”, because they are usually imported from other countries, but if you’re not picky, then pick some up!

4.  http://www.paperbackswap.com – I’ve been paperback-swapping for several months, in an effort to spend less money, reduce the pileup of unloved books in my possession and to ensure the books that I once had went to a loving home (I’m a freak).  Paperbackswap.com is the perfect answer for any book lover whose wallet needs to brake for the floundering economy.  You start by posting 10 books/audiobooks.  For each book you swap, you receive a credit, to choose any book that is available.  Yes, you have to pay for postage, but swappers are encouraged to use media mail, so it really only comes to about $2.50 per swap.  I can honestly attest that I’ve spent MUCH less money on books since I’ve started doing this, and it’s always a little bit of a cheap thrill (for me) to see what books people are interested in.  And I love getting mail.  Win-win all around.

5.  Loaded Questions – Somehow, in the last 4 months, I have played Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions

about a zillion times, and each time is maybe funnier/more interesting than the last.  Loaded Questions is a board game where participants answer questions, and you take turns deciding who answered what.  It seems a little truth-or-dare-ish (with the emphasis on the truth…), but with the right group of people, it invokes major laughter and a LOT of red and blushing cheeks.  It’s definitely a game that needs to be played in the “right” crowd, with people you don’t mind sharing a few silly/funny secrets with.  It’s a good way to break the ice, and with drinks flowing, it’s a good way to create some inside jokes!  There’s an adult version, too, for some raunchier folks, but somehow that’s not as fun as the regular edition, at least not with my group of friends.

6.  Bamboo socks with aloe – I don’t do well with things that come in pairs, so for Christmas this year, my mom got me a box of socks.  Being the considerate woman that she is, she filled the box with every kind of sock imaginable–super thick, microfiber, regular ol’ black socks AND my personal favorite, BAMBOO SOCKS WITH ALOE.  These socks are SO soft to start with, and then they’re infused with aloe, to make your feet soft while you walk.  Mmmmm!  There’s seriously nothing not to like about these socks.

What are you diggin’ on these days?

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