Relearning shoes


Temperature wise, the past few days in Boston have been glorious.  Yes, there is still snow on the ground (and ice underfoot), but I’ve been walking with my coat WIDE OPEN!  How incredible is that?  Incredible!   Yes, I’m aware it’s not going to last forever, but I am really okay with the reality of it in the immediate moment.

There is something, though, that has taken a little getting used to—walking in shoes.  In the winter, I’m really a boot gal.  I have a pretty strong fear of falling on ice and cracking my head open (just picture it…ewwww), and so to remedy that, I wear boots alllll winter.  I’m not sure if the boots really help or if they’re just a placebo, but either way, I wear them and it’s fine.

Since the weather’s been decent, and the ice is pretty clear, I’ve decided to reincorporate my “regular” shoes back into my wardrobe, at least for the past couple of days.  I wore a new pair of Rocket Dog loafers yesterday (they were lovely, thanks) and I put on my old reliable mary janes today.  I did notice, though, that I was having a little difficulty getting into my stride (haha) wearing the shoes again.  I’m pretty sure that it’s because my Land’s End shoe boots fully encompass my feet and my mary janes are open and strappy.  I wasn’t able to walk as fast, and these shoes were HEAVIER and my feet were dragging a little.   Plus, I felt like I had little pebbles in my shoe, likely from kicking up sand or something.


Moral of the story:  I have to relearn how to walk in my shoes.  Just in time for it to snow, I’m sure, and then I’ll be back in the boots!

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