DVD shelf


Somehow, in the many years we’ve been together, Marc and I have amassed quite the DVD collection.  Our old Ikea Billy shelves weren’t really cutting it, as far as space goes, so we decided to upgrade to something a little more solid and a LOT bigger.

We found this shelf online, and it goes with much of the coloring in our living room (the couch, the coffee table, etc.).  Marc diligently put it together this morning, only to find it’s probably not an heirloom piece of furniture that will last forever and ever, but it looks good and it was fun to organize.  We now have lots more room for expansion, too.  I’m also really ready to get rid of my old VHS tapes, and will happily start to replace them, if anyone is looking for a gift idea for me.

Now you can see some of our guilty movie/tv pleasures….like the full series of The Gilmore Girls (Marc loves it too….trust me).  What are yours?

Our new DVD shelf

Our new DVD shelf

3 Responses to “DVD shelf”

  1. Survivor! The new season just started this last Thursday.

    Also, for some reason I like chick flicks like “Love Actually.”

  2. 2 emily

    i see your gilmore girls, office, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (recent obsession; thank you, internet), and dawson’s. applause : )

  3. 3 elysabethreichman

    Those four are CRITICAL, along with Arrested Development, of course!

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