March Recommends


Happy March.  It’s absolutely lovely here, it was actually warm today and even a little sunny.  I’m sure it will last a whole 5 more hours, but it was lovely.



1.  Pho:  Yes, I love soup.  I have written several posts about my favorite food.  My favorite of the favorites is Vietnamese Pho.  The delicious, rich-but-light broth smells amazing, tastes amazing, is amazing.  And it’s wicked cheap.  It comes in gigantic bowls.  With the addition of limes, bean sprouts, and basil and/or mint, it’s PERFECTION.  MMM.

2.  Cooking Light magazine:  I got a few Cooking Light books on, and I’m totally hooked.  Their fast recipes are FAST, and everything’s delicious.  And the nutritional information is included, so it makes it easier to count points (if that is what you do).

3.  Green Bones from Trader Joe’s:  Job is in love with his “green bones” or fake Greenies.  They’re supposed to help his breath (they do, a little) and to him, they’re delicious.  Since he freaks out in the morning when we leave, giving him a green bone helps him stay occupied and it helps stinky doggie breath.  We get these generic Greenies at Trader Joe’s, also.  They’re a little cheaper.

4.  From Nancy’s etsy shop:  I just bought this sweet bag on etsy, and I am in love with it.  It’s huge, has a massive strap, and is super chic.  I have gotten a ton of compliments on it.  The etsy shop has great bags available, in all different styles and a ton of different, super chic fabrics.  I looooove it and I would easily order more bags from this site, when this one bites it.

5.  Tai Chi:  Jordan and I tried tai chi today and we liked it a lot.  We participated in an intro session “open house” at Brookline Tai Chi and learned a little bit about bodily energy, breath and movement.  The funny thing is, the movement stuff was much more relaxing and less stress-inducing than the breathing part!  I worked up a sweat just concentrating on stretching and breathing.  So bizarre, but apparently very normal!  Anyway, I really liked it a LOT and I think Jordan and I are going to do it again.

Also, I thought I’d post a picture of my new hair color.  I dyed it brown on Wednesday and got a cute new cut.  (Not too different from the old cut, but still.)  I love it!  And I do like being a brunette!


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