I blame Punky


Job is the most embarrassed dog in town right now.  We were out for our early evening pre-dinner walk, about 3/4 of the way home, when I noticed that I was wearing two different shoes.  Yes, I did manage to get them on the correct feet, but I was wearing one black low-profile mary jane and one brown low-profile mary jane.  Lovely.  No wonder the dog was racing to get home.  I blame Punky Brewster.  Every child of the ’80s must have the impulse, from time to time, to wear two different shoes.  At least I didn’t tie a yellow bandanna around my upper thigh.  That would have been total Punky Power.

Punky Power

Punky Power

It must be my hunger taking over.  Marc is cooking a meat sauce that smells DELICIOSO!  I can’t wait.

One Response to “I blame Punky”

  1. How funny! A coworker of mine did that the other day with the same style blue and black shoes. BTW, I adored Punky…and Job will be ok!

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