Take me to my happy place


I love winter, probably more than most, but I’m freakin’ DONE.  I’m ready for it to be spring and somewhat warm, and for there to be no snow.  Rain is fine, just no more snow.  PLEASE.  I don’t think my brain can handle it anymore.  And the bottoms of my jeans are completely wrecked.

I’m feeling pretty unhappy right now.  I have had a sore sore back for several days now.  I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow, because they shifted my medication for blood pressure (since I’ve lost weight–28 lbs since September–I need to take less medication, which is great, but I’m being monitored to make sure I’m maintaining my stasis).  Since I’ll be at the doctor, I will see if she can suggest something over the counter, or give me something a little more thrilling, like a muscle relaxer.  It could be the moisture and ickiness in the air, or the fact that our bed frame is crap, but something’s gotta give and I’m hoping it’s not my back!

Second, it’s been a struggle for me, lately, to feel happy.  For no particular reason, except that I am starting to feel like I’m in a rut and that sucks.  I am going out of town next week for a long weekend, which will be nice, but then Marc will be gone for another 6 days right after and that is sort of a bummer for me.  April is looking better and better.  I’m not crazy about my job, and since the job market isn’t booming right now, I decided that I  really need to try to find new things to do outside of the work-sphere.  Like I mentioned previously, I’m very into the tai chi that I did on Saturday, and I might want to take a class.  I know that Marc and I will have to do obedience training with Job pretty soon.  Those are all good things to look forward to, but I’m kind of an immediate gratification girl, and so thinking about things in the upcoming weeks is sort of frustrating for me.  It’s probably not as dire as I’m making it sound, but it does make me feel pretty blue.

So, in an effort to perk myself up, I’m thinking about a small list of my happy things.

This is a pretty good approximation of my happy place.  Graham crackers and peanut butter not included.

This is a pretty good approximation of my happy place. Graham crackers and peanut butter not included.

Reading outdoors, facing Lake Michigan with the beautiful houses on Lake Drive behind me (Keith, do you remember when we had this day?  It was perfect!).  If I had my druthers, I would rather be doing the following:  Hanging out with my dearest friends–you know who you are.  Eating graham crackers with peanut butter, and not worrying about jobs, mortgages, letdowns, and other things that are currently weighing on my brain.

I guess this is what adulthood is, right?

3 Responses to “Take me to my happy place”

  1. 1 Marc

    Adulthood can be anything we make of it. Always remember that there are people who love you deeply and want to do anything possible to see you happy.

  2. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone…you will get through this…because the sun will shine brightly on your side of the country soon, too!

  3. Winter is tough! (Obvi, since I couldn’t make it through even one Boston winter and have been back in Miami ever since!). I just finished reading a really good book called The Geography of Bliss. You should totally check it out 🙂

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