Ay yay yay…U2


U2 is playing a show about a mile from our house at the Somerville Theater.  It’s absolutely crazy, because it’s a TEENY TINY venue — at least as far as U2’s concerned, only about 900 seats, though probably less.  Marc and I have seen a few small names there — Mike Doughty (love) and Duncan Sheik (double love!) — but it’s basically miniscule for U2.

And Marc just told me that he’s pretty sure they’re only playing something like 5 songs.  But I guess if you’re used to playing massive stadiums, scaling down an entire concert for a small, indoor theater would probably be a bit much.  But still.  5.

Anyway, they’ve closed off Davis Square, which is just a mere mile from us, and the show’s basically invitation only.  It’s super exclusive and only a few lucky radio listeners won tickets.  I’ll be interested to see what the aftermath is tomorrow in Davis, which is normally a quiet-ish, clean-ish location.  Someone at work told me that police were expecting 10,000 people, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bono and the guys.  Yikes.

I’m just happy to be home, in my house, a mile away, in my jammies.  I will hum In the Name of Love in my shower, but I am not sure if I’d be into charging through the throngs of people.  At least not on a weekday.  (When did I get to be so OLD!?!)

Jordan…..you might never speak to me again after this post.  Please still try to be my friend.  🙂

2 Responses to “Ay yay yay…U2”

  1. 1 janebeanita

    WHOA! Duncan Sheik?!?! Blast from the past!

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