Once again


March has been a hard month.  Marc’s been OUT of town more often than he’s been in it.  The majority of his travel has been for work, but this last leg (from yesterday — Friday — until April 1, Wednesday), he is in California, visiting his mom.  I’m happy for him, to be able to actually get out of doing work, since he’s been on the road so much FOR work, but sad for me, because I miss him.  It was a hard week last week, just preparing for this weekend.  But, since I’m resourceful and crafty, I planned my weekend accordingly, so that I’m not terribly, awfully bored while Marc’s gone (I’m a smart chica, I have my Masters’ degree.  And no, it’s not in time-filling).

Thankfully, I have good friends who don’t mind letting me a) babysit their sweet, three-month old son, which I’m doing tonight, b) come over with my dog, who happens to only like people and not other dogs, c) drag them to the mall while I find a dress for my friend’s wedding that makes my new Weight Watchers body look smashing and d) text them constantly with pictures of the dog or news of my bed breaking.  Obviously, it’s not the same as having your good buddy/husband around, but they keep me busy.  Plus, I ate a bowl of soup for breakfast and a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for lunch, which I’d never do if Marc was here.

While Marc’s been gone, though, spring has decided to start a full-swing.  I have to say, I never really liked spring; I’m a big fan of the comfortable cocoon that fall and winter provides.  But, walking Job in the nice weather has really been a pleasure.  We went for our nice post-lunch jaunt in the warm weather, and met a sweet old woman who lives on our block.  She told me about her dog who just passed and Job loved her pets and attention.  On our walk, I also happily learned that it is warm enough to doff my socks and wear my cute little pink Lands’ End Athleisure shoes without the sock thing wearing me down.  (I’d rather be barefoot, but it’s not safe to walk around our neighborhood minus shoes.)

I’m definitely fine with being alone, but I’m really really ready for this month of uber-travel to be over.  At least I have my dear blog/internet pals to keep me company.  🙂

3 Responses to “Once again”

  1. 1 Dan

    I must disagree with your opinion of spring – although there’s snow on the ground in sconnie right now, the weather gets warmer, women start wearing less clothes, and school gets out. Okay, the school one doesn’t really matter post-graduation, but still. Ain’t so bad.

  2. Women wearing fewer clothes does nothing for me. And guys look better in sweaters. Which is why no one wears man tank tops anymore. (Thankfully)

  3. 3 Dan

    Good point – that must be why you like Fall more.

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