Dress battle


One of my oldest friends is getting married on May 24.  I am really looking forward to being there, but I also am really looking forward to being a stunner.  I’m proud of the 30-ish pounds that I lost and I want to look sexy, cool and confident.  I also had a Macy’s gift card from my MIL that I wanted to use, just to save some dough.

I called my numero uno shopping partner, Jordan (well, number 1 after my mom…), and Marie-Claire, a non-shopper and we headed to Macy’s.  I figured that I would try there first, just because I had my gift card, and THANKFULLY I had some luck.

I tried on four dresses, but really only took pictures of three of them, because the fourth one was tight, shiny and not my speed. Anyway, enjoy the pics and ignore my brown tights.

Dress number 1:


This was a cute dress, but honestly, it wasn’t quite as fancy as what I had hoped for.  I also didn’t like the little doo-dad in the middle, because it felt a little matronly.

Dress #2:


This is the second dress.  I did really like this one, because it had a cute little keyhole neckline that was really really sexy.  However, I wasn’t really crazy about all the sequin/beadwork on the dress.  You can’t tell too much from the picture, but there’s about a 5-6″ band of beadwork under the bust, and then a beaded trim on the bottom.  I don’t know if the wedding’s going to be super fancy or more semi-formal, and so I thought the beading could be iffy.

Also, I’m a pretty busty gal, and the high neck was weird for me.  On top of that, there were also breast forms within the dress that sort of freaked me out.  Like I said, I’m already breast-a-licious, and when I tried the dress on, I sort of felt a bit over-the-top.  I definitely liked it, but it wasn’t necessarily the dress that I was dreaming about for this wedding.

Dress #3:


Well, obviously this is THE dress, considering that the picture was taken in my house.  When I saw the dress at the store, I wasn’t sure about the big thick stripes, but I REALLY like the color differentiation, with the blue-silver and the black.  I also really like the fluttery bottom of the dress, and how it moves when I move.

The thing I’m not loving in this picture is how the dress seems a little clingy around my waist.  But, obviously, I will be wearing a slip (not worn in this picture) and I am hoping that I lose a few more pounds before the wedding.  I am wearing my spanx business, but it’s not the full get-up.

I am definitely pleased with the way it looks and I like the vertical lines and how that is slimming.  I know I will be confident in this dress!  Can’t wait for the wedding!

4 Responses to “Dress battle”

  1. 1 abby

    I really liked numero 2, because it looks flapper-y. But number three is a stunner, and you look *fantastic* in it.

  2. I wish you could have seen the pre-boobs in the dress though. There was really no need, and they were SAGGY pre-boobs! Oh dear.

  3. 3 Vicki

    I agree, love dress #3, wish I had your top part equipment. Looks great on you! Have a blast!

  4. 4 emily

    a) you are gorgeous
    b) i agree with this abby person, i love dress 2
    c) but dress 3 is also beautiful
    d) i adore you

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