I’m bringing sexy back


Last night, on my NEW BED (but old mattress), I went to check my cell phone to see what time it was.  This is a normal turn of events, however last night, my neck decided to wrench, pull and do something extraordinarily unfair and hurtful.  I couldn’t move my head to the right, and a strong pain was developing in my right shoulder.   At 4:30, after checking my cell, I realized that I could.  not.  move.  my.  neck.  Because I’m queen of subtlety, I screamed out loud, smacked my arm into the bed, and yelled for Marc, rousing him (I am sure) from a lovely and sound sleep.  This was, of course, not the start to a good Monday.  Luckily, I fell asleep after finding a comfortable-ish way to lay, but I knew that this was going to be something that wouldn’t just go away on its own.

I called into work, and so did Marc and he took me to the PromptCare facility at the Lawrence Hospital in Medford.  After waiting for about 45 minutes and propping myself in a direction where I could watch Regis and Kelly without turning my head too much, I got to see a doctor.  The doctor was so great–a quick talker, very gentle, and totally sweet.   The nurses who took care of me were SUPER nice.  One nurse asked me if I took any “funky drugs”, and then the other one told me that she liked my big butt, because it’s easier to inject painkillers into a big butt.  (Why, thank you Nurse.  I haven’t heard that one before!)

Best of all (in the most ironic sense of course), I got fitted for a NECK BRACE/soft cervical collar (do you like how it’s called a CERVICAL collar?  I don’t get the origin of that one).  Trust me, I’m totally bringing sexy back with this one.  My already-puffy face is now even puffier, because it’s all being pushed up.  I feel like I look a little gray in my face, maybe just from being tired or just from grossness.  Also, I haven’t showered today so my hair is a little Kramer-ish.  And I smell.  But hopping in the shower and lifting my arm over my head to wash my hair seems like a little more than I can handle at this point.

Thankfully, Marc is home for the day but I’m actually supposed to stay home at least until Wednesday, but possibly until Thursday.  The painkiller injection that they gave me is definitely wearing off, but I did take a muscle relaxer and slept for about three hours (with the collar off).  I get to take ibuprofen in about 20 minutes and I cannot wait.

One Response to “I’m bringing sexy back”

  1. 1 Marc

    No one can make that collar look as glamourous as you, not even close!

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