My neck is getting better very slowly.  I have used my doctor’s note to its fullest extent–today is my third day off and I will return back to work tomorrow.  My brain is ready to be back into the work mode, but I am not entirely sure that my body is.

I also REALLY hate my neck brace.  It’s very uncomfortable and restrictive.  I am sure in order for it to actually work, it makes sense to keep everything stabilized and immobile.  But, practically for my own life, it surely does suck!!!  I don’t like being so restricted and it’s hard to feel like you can actually get anything done without the ability to turn your head.

I mean, call me crazy, but shouldn’t I be enjoying this time off?  I’m totally not.  My brain wants to be doing something a little more constructive, but my body isn’t really allowing that.  My body’s way more interested in sleeping, succumbing to the muscle relaxers, and curling up with the dog.  I also have major guilt and anxiety for not being at work for several days.  There’s obviously nothing I can do about it (I’m following my doctor’s orders, not to mention my body’s clues), but getting panicky emails don’t really help my anxiety.  Grrrr.

Plus, we’re supposed to be headed out of town this weekend.  I can’t imagine what a sexy time we’re going to have if I’m in some neck pain.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but a few days of shut-innery really can do you in.

2 Responses to “Shut-in”

  1. 1 abby

    one time (at band camp), i was a shut-in for 3.5 months. but even a few days is crazy-making, i agree.

  2. Believe me, I thought of you many times while I was in my neck collar.

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