Marc and I spent our weekend in scenic Jamestown, Rhode Island.  We usually have a weekend getaway in February, but since we got Job in January, we decided to put it off until a later date.  What a better way to reignite the flames of our love than after Marc’s three long trips in March.  Anyway, we split from work after a long Friday, and head to Jamestown, RI.  It’s only an hour and a half away, but it’s a lot quieter there, and a lot slower.  I was a little nervous to go, because of my neck, but as the weekend went on, I began to feel better.  In fact, I haven’t even worn my collar all day today….whoa.  That’s the first time in almost a week.   Anyway, enough of my babbling, on with the details.

Our bed and breakfast was so charming–a three-level house with three guest rooms.  It was

The Pell Bridge, Jamestown RI

The Pell Bridge, Jamestown RI

run by a man and his wife, who were young, and had small children and a couple of cute cats.  We had plenty of time to relax–and we even had time to play Trivial Pursuit on Saturday night.  The best part of ALL was that the B&B was steps away from the ocean, and steps away from the one-block that has all the commerce in town.  We had two nights of delicious dinners, mere stumbling distance from our abode.  All in all, it was a pretty picturesque little town.  And of course, since we were spitting distance from the ocean, the seafood was plentiful.  Marc was the happiest person ever, and had fish at nearly every meal, except for breakfast.  (But he would have eaten it at breakfast, if he could have.  Of that, I am certain.)

Man in an apron

Man in an apron

We also went to Wakefield, and took a cooking class at Chez Nicole.  Lucky for us, the aforementioned Nicole is Marie-Claire’s mom.  I had taken a class with her previously (along with some of my girlfriends from Big Sister), and I was happy to take advantage of our proximity to her.  We took a seafood cooking class, with a full menu.  The seafood theme truly made Marc’s day and I was able to try different types of (incredibly fresh and succulent….) seafood.  We made:

  • Curried Shrimp
  • Mussels
  • Tilapia in parchment pouches
  • Sweet and sour cod
  • Lima Beans and fennel (I love both of these things and I want to make this dish often!)
  • Monkfish stew
  • Tiramisu (I’m so glad I know how to make this now!!)
  • Almond cookies
  • Strawberries with drained yogurt (drained yogurt is maybe the best thing ever…)

It was particularly interesting, because in the past, I took the class with friends, and it was “private”—just for us.  This class was open to the public, and we joined a man and his father, and a woman from the neighborhood.  I was nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone

Cooking the shrimp

Cooking the monk fish

besides Marc and Nicole, but I quickly felt at ease, and was able to cook like a crazy pro.  And you know I’m definitely not always a whiz in the kitchen!  Everyone worked on (almost) everything, and we all sat down and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

After lunch, we headed to Newport, to bum around.  I think I expected Newport to be more small-town-ish, like places in the Berkshires; however, it was a little bit fancier, a little bit more high-brow than we were in the mood for.  We didn’t do a lot of shopping, but we walked up and down the street and enjoyed the water and the salty air.  Newport was surprisingly packed, more than I thought it would have been.  It definitely was the nicest weekend, weather-wise, in a long long time, so people were basking in the glow.

We headed home today, to our baby dog, Job.  I have failed to mention that while Marc and I were in Rhode Island, having some down-time, Mr. Job spent his first weekend away from us, NOT at a kennel.  Our dear friends, Ashley and Albert who live just a few blocks away from us, offered to take our little guy for the weekend.  Ashley and Albert also have a big, beautiful Rottweiler, Luna.  Job and Luna have met a few times and had a few awkward playdates and some semi-successful walks, but it’s always been pretty clear that our little boy does not know how to play well with other dogs.  Well, according to Ashley and Albert, Job did pretty well this weekend.  When we came to pick him up, he was standing nicely with Luna.  He did pee a few times in their kitchen aaaaand he knocked over a garbage can, and ended up eating a sandwich from their trash.  Yes, that’s our guy.  But at least we know he can (sort of) stay at other people’s houses sucessfully.  And, he’s getting better with other dogs.  Phew.

Tomorrow is Patriot’s Day.  Patriot’s Day is the fakest of all holidays, as it basically only exists because of the Boston Marathon, though technically it’s also a celebration of something from the Revolutionary War (I’m not sure what).  Either way, I get the day off of work.  Tomorrow, Marc and I will play a little catch-up, clean up the house, wash the cars (maybe) and pick up some groceries.  Thank God for three-day weekends.

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