Brushes with Greatness ’09


Believe it or not, Marc and I have had a few brushes with greatness this weekend.  I will recount them for you–and you may tell me that you think they don’t count (you’ll see what I mean), BUT they happened to us (or people we know) all weekend.  I don’t often encounter fame, so I will take it any way that I can get it.

Our area was all a-twitter (no, not that kind of twitter) this weekend, thanks to the Independent Film Festival Bostonthat was being held at the Somerville Theater, about a mile from our house.  This is the first time I have been to the IFF-Boston since I’ve lived here, but I had a perfectly good reason to go this year. 

Marie-Claire’s ex-boyfriend, Jody Lambert, had a film showing in the festival.  M-C gave me the INCREDIBLY quick version of what his movie, Of All the Things, is about.  She said, “Jody’s dad wrote ‘We Built This City’.  The movie’s about him.”  Being a good friend and infinitely curious about how you could fill an hour and a half about “We Built This City”, I agreed to go.  Marie-Claire did NOT tell me, though, that Jody’s dad, Dennis Lambert (who SURPRISINGLY does not have a wikipedia page…), didn’t JUST write “We Built This City,” he also wrote and/or produced over 600 songs throughout his incredibly active and prolific music career.  Of All the Thingschronicles this career, but also follows Dennis Lambert, who now sells real estate in Boca Raton, FL, on a two-week tour of the Philippines, where he is a national treasure and idol. 

The film is, in a word, hilarious.  I guess I was really expecting something very hard-hitting, filled with tales of Grace Slick’s difficulty (I mean, I did think it was only about one song), but what I got was the story of a really funny, really talented musician who is given a second chance to find his voice, and let people remember who he is.  Marc and I got to meet Jody afterwards, and it was great to speak with him briefly.  It was also definitely evident that Jody has inherited his dad’s humor, which is laced throughout the film. 

So…Jody and Dennis Lambert/Of All the Things = Brush with Greatness #1

Brush with Greatness #2 is probably not necessarily my news to tell, but I think that with the juxtaposition and timing of other events, it sort of works out.  Marc and I were set to meet Sara, Abby and Jasper on Sunday to accompany them to a few real estate open houses.  Beforehand, Marc and I went to Iggy’s Bread and Sara and Abby went to Full Moon for brunch.   While there, they sawnone other than Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and their baby girl, Violet.  Jennifer Garner made cutesy faces at Jasper (because he’s the cutest) and Ben Affleck bumped into Sara’s chair and apologized.  Now, this is totally something that happened to them and I’m not about to take credit for it, but I will count it as a brush with greatness, BECAUSE immediately after brunching with Ben and Jen, Sara and Abby met up with Marc and me.  AND I got to hold, kiss and snuggle the cute little baby that Jennifer Garner made goo-goo eyes with.  Yes.  That counts.

Brush with Greatness #3:

At the first open house we went to, we were walking out of the unit when Sara pointed at a platinum Doors record framed on the wall.  Pretty impressive (especially after seeing Of All the Things…), wouldn’t you say?  Why yes, especially after the realtor told us that the condo’s current owner is the sister of John Densmore, the drummer of the Doors.  According to the realtor, she used to date Jim Morrison (he actually said she dated them all, but I don’t think she’d want her realtor to air her dirty laundry like that…), and drove them around when they had partied too hard.  Except he was much more explicit about their partying.  (I’m keepin’ it discreet.)

self portrait by you.

Those are my big three exciting, starstruck experiences from April 2009.  These kind of experiences don’t happen terribly often….much like 87 degree April days in Arlington, MA don’t happen too often.  (but it DID happen…this weekend!)

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