What a week!!


This has been an incredibly crazy busy week and it’s only going to continue to be full of excitement, changes and events.

We started the week off with incredibly high temperatures.  Monday was in the 80s and Tuesday was excruciatingly hot–in the 90s already.  It was a fluke, though, and the heat was gone by Wednesday.  Our book club met on Tuesday to discuss The Reader, which was a lot of fun.  Next month, we are going to discuss Alice Hoffman’s The Third Angel, which I have already read.

Wednesday,  I was matched with my Little Sister.  I’m super excited for our match.  We went out on Friday, mini-golf and TGIFriday’s and we had a wonderful time.  My Little Sister is really a great girl, She’s super cute and very inquisitive and had LOTS of questions for me about life, movies, words that I cannot pronounce (she can’t pronounce coincidence), school, how Marc proposed to me and a lot more.  I think she really enjoyed her visit with me and I surely had a great time with her!  I am excited for our next visit. I also need to get a heck of a lot better at miniature golf,

Friday night, my mom came into town to do some yard renovation for us.  Marc and I aren’t super garden-y, and it seriously is costing us way less to have my mom come in and do work than it would to hire a landscaper.  Plus, we get the added bonus of having my mom here.  And she’s going to help me hang curtains.  Since she got here on Friday, we’ve been going-going-going.  (This is not a surprise and generally the way it goes when my mom is here).  Saturday morning, we ran a couple of errands, and then started a little garden planning.

Flowers for our flower beds

Flowers for our flower beds

We went to Russo’s Market, and picked out the flowers for our flower beds and herbs and veggies for our edible garden.  (Holy basil, coriander, cilantro, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, red pepper, lavender… I can’t remember if there’s more.)   We also went to Home Depot and picked up shrubs for the yard (spirea and bleeding hearts–my favorite), as well as yard edging and a little fencing to keep the rabbits out of the herbs and the veggies.  Marc and I also picked up 10 bags of cedar mulch and 20 bags (!) of various kinds of soil.  As far as I know, this is basically all I have to do to make our garden grow, because my mom will do the rest.  This is a pretty sweet deal, I am not going to lie to you.  I can’t wait to see the yard with some shrubs, plants and flower beds, and you know Marc and I are going to enjoy the fruits of our (my mom’s?) labor.

We also got to have brunch at Flour with Sara, Abby and Jasper.  My mom is

Mom and Jasper

Mom and Jasper

pretty much in love with Jasper, who is (as she says) “the most beautiful baby”.  My mom came armed with gifties and also got to hold Jasper for a while, to get her “baby fix” in.

Oh yes, and in between all of that, I worked yesterday.  I did a Big for a Day event in Cambridge, with Harvard Athletics.  The women’s basketball team donated their time and talents and gave 20+ girls on our waiting list a chance to hang out with women in their community.  The Harvard Women’s Basketball team was so gracious and fun.  They had lots of activities planned and played games, did shooting drills, dribbling practice, etc., with the girls and women.  They also gave the girls Popsicles at the end of the clinic (which, of course, they loved!) and did a question and answer session with them.  They were so pleased.

So tomorrow, Marc and I will come home from work and we’ll have gorgeous flowers and bushes in place.  We’ll have the HGTV curb appeal that we’ve seen so many shows about.  🙂

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